High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.3 (2.79) / 1.4 (2.8)


Finally got the time to check this out.

Simple fix. In Object Mode, Select the Armature, then Press “Match Reference”. this solves the rotations for the Legs. You may have issues with the toes after:
to solve the toes; simply combine the Toe_Ends with the ToeBase. (_end is reserved by Blender, and shouldnt be used as is anyway)

I forgot I had moved the bone orientation fix from Fix Scale and Rotations (this only does general rotations of mesh and armature) to its own button.


I am thinking of continuing this one:

Small Poll thread based poll:

Do you guys want an Blender 2.8 version of the plugin Or should I continue working on the 2.79 :slight_smile:

I have an idea for to get a pipeline working directly from 2.8; but it will need patch and implemented the out the fbx exporter into the plugin and make my own version of it with a custom shader group for hifi.


2.8 embrace the future


Menithal, yes please. Your work is monumental. I very much appreciate it and would love to see the plugin ported to 2.8.



yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, please.


Yes, I agree… Blender 2.8 is the future. Develop for 2.8

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YES! The thought of being able to do a scene export from EEVEE into Hifi makes me tingle.


nobody can around blender 2.8 i stilo need to try it, waiting for release. But am pretty sure i keep using 2.79 for long time. Depend hoe bad the new UI changes are. Takes time to relearn all buttons possible.


My understanding is that Blender 2.8 has a 2.79-menu mode for those who prefer the old menu system.

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First need to check if it’s released. Then crossing fingers with functionality in the render section.


When I try to convert Mixamo avatar using High Fidelity Tools plugin for Blender 279, in a saved project after the FBX is imported, I get “Attribute error: Calling operator “bpy.ops.wm.console_toggle” error, could not be found”

I’m just testing this out really, but it failed at the first hurdle for me. I’m on Linux.

EDIT:: It’s a known issue. I’ve had my answer.


Blender 2.8: High Fidelity Blender plugin 1.4 pre-release

Note this ONLY works with Blender 2.8. and is a prelease- this may break other things.


  • After installing make sure to restart Blender.
  • Ported the entire plugin to Blender 2.8
  • Removed All Old Materials stuff: (Metallic etc)
  • Lot of safeguards on texture updates for custom avatar and mixamo avatar import (no pin skeleton correction yet for mixamo)
  • Linux and Mac userd no longer have console window trigger on convert. (Investigating another method of displaying progress in future)
  • HFShader - Eevee / Cycles Node shade group that allows one to quickly bind Images for the Hifi Materials for High Fidelity. Use HFShader instead of Principled BDSF. WYSIWYG Mentality.

  • Issues: Alpha, and Subsurface is not yet bound

  • Set Non-Diffuse ColorData and Auto Correct on Save Tools that fixes color spaces for Roughness, Normal, and Metallic textures bound to the HFShader

Press this when ever “Eevee renderer looks wrong” or just save the scene.

  • Hifi FBX Exporter that binds HFShader to the FBX which HF will understand


Tutorial Video on a Later date.


Enjoing and hating this at the same time lol ( new blender is like waking up with my thumbs on the wrong sides )
Is there a convert from principled to hifi button?
does it need one?

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I fooled around with the new plugin yesterday with mixed results. I got it added on, set shader to HFShader and used it instead of Principled BDSF, but although some parts seemed to work, I could not get it to render correctly in blender or in HiFi when exported.

Sometime you should give a demo of it in HiFi. But thanks, I like 2.8 and it will be good when we can use it with HiFi.


I’m also having some trouble importing an FBX using the HFFBX exporter. I’ve played with the nodes in various ways, and get mixed results. I’m exporting the usual way, with selected only, and Copy Path Mode with Embed.

If I use an albedo, roughness, and normal map, in hifi I get the roughness as my albedo, and no roughness or normal map.

I tried using an ORM image as well, and this results in a correct albedo, but everything else seems to be missing.


@Marcus.Llewellyn and @Twa_Hinkle are you guys making sure the textures:

  • JPG or PNG
  • In the same folder as the blend file prior to exporting the scene?
  • Using Image Nodes only.
  • No Other nodes infront of the texture nodes when connecting them to the Material (except Normal Map)

Using Latest Blender 2.8 Build.


Oopsie! Mine weren’t in the same folder. the glTF exporter has spoiled me and ruined my workflow. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only other node I’ve use is when I tried using the ORM image to split the RGB values.


Yeah, “Image Texture” Nodes only except for Normal Map. The FBX Exporter is dumb, only connects the files to the fbx file channels that hifi uses. doesnt do any prenode baking (not even available in eevee yet, otherwise Id have slapped some in the Shader Group): Simply put its bindings.


O… that explains it. Thanks for the info. I do like 2.8 but when I couldn’t get baking to work good, I went back to 2.79.

At least what you made is a start in the right direction. It may allow me to use it instead of 2.79.


and @Marcus.Llewellyn