High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.3 Released


Fantastic!! :slight_smile: I handed my avatar off to a buddy to rig but I’m looking forward to rigging some random 3D people for practice.

Unfortunately, it appears that my default sandbox had the avatar warehouse area as its default. I think I’ll visit Maker and grab texture from there :wink:


You should go outside the warehouse :slight_smile: and look at the floor


oh… sigh oops… I already deleted all of it. silly me.


Release 0.4.0:

Basic Armature Tool Set / Scene ATP and Limited Instanced Modifier Support


  • Fixed UI failing to unregistering on uninstall (May thrown an error if updating an old version still, remove and restart blender before adding this back)


  • Fix for Materials not setting transparency if texture was being used

New Stuff

Scene Export

  • Added Support to export the json with atp configs. Can be set to also use root directory via use_directory
  • Added support for Limited instanced modifier support, will connect same instances with same modifiers together (if the order matches). Note that this will cause some shift, but a fix is under way.
    • Edge Split
    • Mirror
    • Array


  • Adds a new tool in the Tools Panel: Create High Fidelity Skeleton: Creates a ready skeleton based on the default avatar


Quick fix to the import method, forgot to refactor a import >_>
So exports was broken, now fixed
Edit: And Version update to fix yet another bug :smiley: 0.4.4


I think i figured out how to allow for people to use cycles / evee while still exporting from blender to hifi…
Meaning I could easilly extend to generating light probes among other fun stuff that would make things look ,very, very nice.

Buut ill be saving implementation in a “Pro” version :wink: Meanwhile I will focus on making the Armature, and its helper utilities, along with bug fixes so that a basic package is available for everyone.




Fixes light export
Fixes a case when exporting in edit mode


Ah yes, my archnemesis… Quaternions


thats fine its suppse to be like that lol
do you worry that before you started doing this it was bug free?


Clicks a button

Armature Retargeting and Scale / Orientation Correction

This feature works similarly to the forced-posing of bones for unity. and a feature I really wanted into my tool set as many avatars I’ve worked with are never in the correct pose and I always have to in the final runs correct scales and orientations of each component

Will continue over the week, but tommorrow and the day after I am on other stuff, so look for the weekend instead :smiley: (so it’s not quite yet released).

Its 3 am now. I should be asleep, but I finally solved it.


Heads up, the armature rotation fix that was in the earlier version is incorrect, was supposed to go “the other way” so its broken for now, will fix it in the next version


can confirm lol

allthough file-externaldata-make all paths absolute seems to solve blender loosing links to textures like happened there ^


I think to do with the fst binding and texture assignment there for the embedded textures. Will try to check a work around once I figure out how to build an fst file -in- Blender


Judas THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! And me and Fire and Michelle spent 2 hours trying to fix it… ends up the armature was just flipped…


Also, you might have to copy your glossiness map manually. The “Package Model” is not doing it correctly when the texture are not embedded.


Release 0.6:


  • Direction of armature is now correct
  • Removed unused bones from template (Specifically Ends of Feet)


Armature Retargeting

( will not work with shapekeyd avatars just yet)

  • “Retarget Avatar Pose / Fix Avatar” Magic Button - Button that does the following steps:

    • Retargets and reapplies Armature pose to the T-Pose
      • Iterates through each bone
        • Make sure each bone pose rotation matches the world rotation of the modified reference skeleton (mannequin)
      • Iterates through each child of the armature
        • Applies Armature modifier to set new pose as the mesh pose as is (part where shapekeys avatars will fail)
        • Makes a new Armature modifier pointing to the armature
      • Applies current pose as rest pose
    • Applies Transforms to Armature
    • Sets scale to 100
    • Sets rotation to -90
    • Applies transforms to Armature
    • Sets Armature scale to 0.01
    • Sets Rotation to 90
    • Iterates through Each child of the armature
      • Sets Scale to 100
      • Applies Transforms to child
      • Sets Scale to 0.01
    • Ready for Export/ Blendshapes
  • Added Add Hifi Armature to Add > Armature > Add Hifi Armature

Me after going through the steps and knowing them to work but blender’s order of operations constantly fighting against me over yesterday and this morning:

After I figure out fst, will probably just put the “magic button” functionality simply into the export and instead put a test hifi pose" button in the magic button’s place


rig looks good to me now
its going to want a parent with automatic weights with preserve volume button
Tho i might have to texture it :stuck_out_tongue:
ofc now i want your exporter to package the mesh fst and all

now if only she didnt walk like a man


I spent the summer of 2017 building something similar to your rigifier and you decide you’ll build one and give it away for free… The image of the crazy fox must be true.

Congrats on the results from all of the hard work.

During my work last summer, I had always assumed you had already done all of this, and my work would be pointless. I guess I was wrong about you having your own ‘version’; but looks like it’s coming along nicely for you.

Any plans for people that show up here not wanting to touch Blender? Solve that and I’ll humbly retreat for good. :wink: especially if you’re just going to give it away…


I think ill leave that for the Guy working on the unity add on. I only care about making it easier for Blender :wink:

The image of the crazy fox must be true.

Yes, very much. Basically I just went F**k it, just gonna do it instead having waited for 3 years for someone to do something similar (aka deligate it after I made the documentation). There are so many steps and its been so long that even I have been occasionally forgetting what needs to be done. I’ve been putting off too many avatars because its such a chore.

After all, It’s Number of bones + Number of Mesh * 9 + 6 steps long and no wonder people are frustrated when ever they bring an avatar in any have oddities like frame rate drops from the physics hulls being too big or the avatar being to small, or some other eldrich horror.

So, as insane as I am, I did the harder thing: Instead I learn some python and Blender scripting along with more 3d math… And did this within a few weekends after I started working on the entire concept that begun with thinking “I wonder How to import stuff” into Blender…

That lit an idea spark, thats now is a raging fire


But then again I dont think I was sane in the beginning anyway, after all, did the Pathfinding work to get as much info on blender - hifi pipeline as possible… At the Mountains of Madness.