High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.3 Released


This was my initial motivation. Needed a way to build lots of valid avatars; most of the pain involved is able to be automated in .py

For users not wanting to build in Unity; for users not wanting to build in Blender; I have the in-world solution you seek…


Many options are good to have!


Hopes u havent stolen my soon to go viral big with the kids and hipsters alike “PlywoodCubeAtar” concept


Waits for it come out of beta. :wink:


Probably a month more before this free version is “Release” ready and I will then move on to work on the “Bonus” version which Ill keep updated through Patreon :slight_smile: (GPL License, so still anyone can share it, but its more appreciated if done through patreon)


The re-targeting would be for existing rigged (but not Hifi rigged) avatars then? Nice work btw!


Partially. Basically you can use the skeleton provided, align it with the limbs what ever pose they are in. Do the weights, press a button and presto it’s fixed.


Why isn’t this thread stickied? Moderators to your thumbtacks, please! :slight_smile:


Reminder if you spot any bugs, please either dm me with an example, post in this thread, or report it over at the github


Note apparently there is yet another bug (Fun) with the armature repose, so its not working as intended


Release 0.6.3

  • Should really be fixed now. Did it 3 times in a row from a fresh install
  • Added “Test” post button above the “Magic” button that allows you to check what the rest pose may look like with the current weights.


Impressive work and much thanks. I am just about to rebuild my own avatar and possibly even venture off my local sandbox(!), now I have Interface compiling for my Debian system again!


Thinks hifi should pay you for this work
(Or at least buy you your own copy of blender)
Have you thought about putting the texture stuff over in the hifi tab to keep it all together?
Trying to think what would easiest for a blender noob .wonders how the mixamo auto rigger fits the bones .whist the objective is simple it’s kinda intermediate leveled stuff all that editing and rotation

Ooh wonders if some rig control handles could be used to drag the rig close ish


I was but I decided to keep it in the texture panel instead as thats where it logically belongs. Somoene else can captalize on UI stuff :slight_smile:



when ur getting back on with this ill send u the ava im trying to run through the process


What the one you are trying to use your filthy imperial units with :stuck_out_tongue:


Just for you,@Judas

Release 0.6.4:

  • Added Error Messages when pressing magic buttons and not having a valid target selected (armature)
  • Fixed Error Messages for Exporting a scene without setting ATP or url override


You’re a beautiful lady.


shes built from the sintel ava, but it had huge chunks missing that i put back a while ago
think its a cc liscence , re textured her in substance


Hey, has anyone here had issues with installing the 0.6.4 release? I was practically tearing my hair off trying to figure out why Blender wouldn’t recognize 0.6.4 as an addon, but would recognize the master branch…