High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.3 Released


As a note for others,

avoid using the release source versions (for now) because the folders get renamed and blender can’t deal with it. Ill try to make a shippable build pipeline after I get some tests in to make a correctly named zip folder.

If you have used the release versions, you can clear your scripts in the blender directory at

%APPDATA%/Blender Foundation/Blender/<version>/scripts


isnt sure if it matters but the fix button pops all the bones out of the skin

does it do that for u?


Looks fine to me.
Maybe make sure the mesh is parented and the armature is its modifiers. You can always press the test button before pressing “the button”


i think changing units has messed somthing up for me
maybe ill start over again n video it then u can tell me what im doin wrong

ha worked perfectly this time but obs studio crashed so the video didnt work
must figure out what i did to break it previously


Taking a weekish break on feature development as I have a busy week ahead of me, back to dev on saturday unless some bugs that break everything is found


Don’t worry about us poor, struggling High Fidelians.


we will be fine


I got shanghaied into something different this weekend, but it is related to the blender plugin…


So update is delayed so I can push this into it as well!


Well it was working fine until these odd probleams starting to happen with my avater going into a z rotation in a flying position with the skeletion rig this only happens when i use the retagreat fixscale/roatation seems to be effect all my avaters done before.


Could you show a screenshot of this? (sharing a blend file would allow me to check what went wrong) It sounds odd. There has been no updates done. yet


If you have an existing hifi blender add on installed, uninstall it first from blender, as the directories have been renamed.

To install, goto User Preferences> Add-ons and press Install Add-on from File from the buttom of the window

After that a new button appears on the High Fidelity tool set called Convert MMD Avatar

How to Import

To import MMD and export them as Avatars, you need a couple of tools:

Opening the Zip file

Open up bandizip, press Open Archive and open the mmd model zip file you want to extract

Before pressing Extract, make sure your “Code Page” is set to Japanese

Make sure to read the MMD Model’s Readme:

Some artists explicitly state they do not want redistribution, nor modification, nor do they want to be put into another game other than MMD, or put into Adult situations. Sure it is the internet, but respect should be given to these creators.

The Readmes usually have an English translation below the japanese one if not, more of it will be visible in the read me after import to blender.

Importing to Blender

After Extracting the zip file and reading the read me, open up a new scene in Blender

  1. Clean the scene, you can press A, then X, then left mouse button
  2. Goto File > import .pmd and navigate to the directory
  3. Before Importing Make sure the import settings are as follows:

Scale: 0.1 (Very, important)
Clean Model
Remove Doubles

Fix IK Links, Rename Bones / Translate bones should all be disabled.

MIP maps is voluntary.

You can then save these settings by pressing the plus sign above morphs and assigning it a name. It will then be available from the dropdown

  1. After importing to scene, in the 3D View, navigate to the High Fidelity Tab.
  2. Save Blend file to a directory you want to use for your avatar
  3. Press Convert MMD Avatar. No need to have anything selected.
  4. After pressing the button, Blender will start doing stuff in the foreground. Wait until the console window has dissapeared. It will do alot of work.

The bones will correct them selves and materials will combine them selves as much as possible.

TGA textures will be converted to png automatically,

and all textures used will be moved to textures folder relative to the model.

After it is done, play around with the bones in pose mode to see if everything binded correctly

  1. Select armature
  2. Press retarget pose button
  3. After that, select the entire scene (A in object mode)
  4. Export as FBX.
  5. Make sure to set PathMode to Copy, and press the little box next to the drop down so that it becomes a folder with a file

Then package in high fidelity and bring it in.

Please note that
As this is still a preview version, alot of the stuff is still manual, and some may still stay as manual. Some mmd models will also simply break, but that is why testing them is a good idea

A proper tutorial will be made once the add on is feature ready-ish

Update to the plugin dev:

Its still being developed but there is a need of mass testing: If you want to try out the latest dev version with (MikuMiku dance) mmd avatars, keep reading this post.

I will later on start doing the releases on github once the release is ready. but remove the old module from blender first before installing this.

Those who have earlier look into the add on should download the above as the preview has been updated.

If you find any mmd model that doesnt work or has missing translations in bone names or bone textures, feel free to put a DM to me with a link to the mmd model so that I can check out what went wrong. I just got done with the first iteration of the mmd converter

Upcomming roadmap:

  • Button to turn all materials \ a material fullbright or shadeless
  • Button to turn selected bones into physical “flow” naming (as according to avatar spec)
  • Mixamo bone Converter button (removes mixamo:: prefix from bones)
  • FST / FBX Export
  • Blendshape clean up (clean up model to only have blendshapes that are hifi compatable)
  • Allow Oven Baking via Easy Bake

MMD Converter improvements to come

  • Auto detection of MMD Avatar so fix mmd avatar button will not show up if “Converted”
  • More Texture Assignment improvements (Better detection of multi textures truncating them if in the same space)
  • More translations after examples
  • Consolidate Naming conventions
  • Refactor iteration

New Long Term ideas

Experimental Roadmap features that may or may not end up in Commercial Version or have better iterations end up in there

  • Texture Atlas: Allow auto-atlassing of textures with in Blender


Preview version updated, fixed Fingers


Preview version is now 0.8.7, Fixed Eyes. Refactor of mmd module in progress to make it simpler



Preview 0.8.10 Release:

  • Refactored MMD code a bit
  • Added Auto convert from tga to png for mmd convert (Making this available as a button for other avatars as well later on). This forces the user to save before pressing the convert button
  • Added transparency to mask conversion to avoid the alpha sorting issues as reported by many. This is very agressive however, will make it adjustable later.
  • Improved Texture Pruneing: All unusable textures are now nuked
  • Made console visible to indicate progress: There currently is no other way to indicate this, so its a bit messy.

Now starting a run on the fst exporter and making the above tools to also be available for other avatars.

The above update should make it so that users do not have to mess around with textures anylonger, it will just nuke everything


Preview 0.8.11 Release:

  • Fixed Crashing when processing images
  • Exports the correct, modified png now
  • Added automatic set absolute paths after convert, this allows you to embed textures again


this is getting too easy , can u make it more difficult again thanks


No. I will continue taking avatar creators jobs from them


Preview version 0.8.13

  • Improved Texture allocation: Should now copy instead of modify original textures (wasnt doing it properly earlier, should solve any “read-only” sillyness some mmd models force on one.)
  • Shuffled Buttons around a bit, organizing them into categories.
  • Added Mixamo Convert button (Untested, Theoretical, Please abuse and test), does everything the mmd plugin does, except translate is replaced with “remove mixamo:: prefix”
  • Added Material Helpers
    • Make Fullbright (Emit based) (makes ALL fullbright)
    • Make Shadeless (Shader based, will not work with avatars) (makes all shadeless)


Preview version 0.8.14

  • Fixed issue with already translated filenames causing an infinite loop
  • Fixed issue with some Top with weights being removed, now removal is based on if weights exist or not
  • Added more logging on read
  • Added new Utility buttons
    • Images to Png - converts dds, jpg, tga, etc what ever blender can open and converts that to png)
    • Images to mask - converts textures to masked alpha, causing anything semi transparent to be either transparent or not, allowing one to avoid alpha sorting issues they may encounter.