High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.3 Released


just put this here so its easier to find
These are the correct shapekey names that hifi reads automatically

if u would like to trigger different shape keys(some of these avatars have dozens, you can hook them up to these settings and give yourself a crazy twitch

find the shape key you wish to use i chose BrowsU_C
then add a line to the fst file hifi created
bs = EyeBlink_R = BrowsU_C= 1
Then you 2 can look like you had too much coffee :slight_smile:

the =1 is the strength of the shapekey any value between 0 and 1

if u want the eye blink and the eyebrows to go at the same time then u need
bs = EyeBlink_R = BrowsU_C= 1
bs = EyeBlink_R = EyeBlink_R= 1
as adding in this line seems to disable the default use
and look at me thats coding that is XD

also hooked the pupil dilation to the jaw :stuck_out_tongue:


More info on the blendshapes that high fidelity support at

Under the title “Avatar Supported Blendshapes Reference”


Some cute MMDs spotted in world


Preview 0.9 Release

We are getting closer to release, probably happening by friday:

  • Removed Repose Button
  • Made Test Pose not require to have Armature selected
  • Added FST Export: Creates FST file and fbx file:
    • Allows you to either embed or copies folder to an fbm folder
    • Sets fbx name to a random uuid based on the model name
    • Allows you to export selected or just everything
    • Does the same thing as the earlier repose, but should work with blendshapes as it is no longer applying modifiers and cannot any longer be spammed glares at judas
  • Added make physical / remove physical button when having armature selected and in edit mode
  • Minor tweaks here and there


Is there a workaround for needing the unzip prog with the Japanese text setting? Can blender do Japanese?

I was playing with the vr chat unity sdk that seems far from straightforward. maybe that’s because I’m use to blender
That said the mmd from your blender exporter loaded into unity easily and textured


Unfortunately no. Its a very specific issue (uncompressing filenames with utf-8 extra symbols) With Windows 7+ versions unless you want to change your entire operating system to run on Japanese. You can try looking but all I see are AppLocale fixes to the OS, which no longer exist in Windows 10, so the zip software is the only one I found within the time.

Blender can handle the japanese characters as they are utf-8 compliant. Unfortunately the font that is by default in Blender, does not support them.

In before all darn creators start using it regardless of platform (LOL) I guess I jsut have to plaster HIGH FIDELITY METAVERSE BLENDER ADD ON hifi gets credit for the commission and maybe some adverticement


There’s a thought hifi watermarked textures


Version 1.0 (0.9.9) has now been released for sure and this has feature complete set along with some tools and experimental tools available for everyone to use:

  • Put a temp fix for Thumb rotations. This will not fix thumbs with missing bones however.
  • Fixed Mixamo Converter
  • Added a height adjuster to converters: if armature is very tall (above 2.4 m, its size will be reduced to 1.9 m) This is more of a gotcha incase a setting is forgotten
  • Added support for Oven tools, Very experimental,

Please install from

and download the hifi_tools.zip file


Release 1.0.2

  • Added Bone Merge tools: Allows you to merge bones in edit mode to last selected
  • Added Warning Notifications when you many have too many bones
  • Removed Leaf bones from fbx export to lessen amount of Bones exported
  • Added Success Notification when Avatar is exported successfully
  • Added @Roxie’s Make Human Converter (Requires Hifi Skeleton from Make Human, so you need to wait till roxie makes it available)


Hey @Menithal. Last two versions throw a Line 331 error when I try to enable it in the Add-ons System Preferences.
I will go try on a pc now…


Did you make sure to remove the earlier version first?

%APPDATA%/Blender Foundation/Blender/<version>/scripts

Remove all HiFi scripts there and try reinstalling the scripts


Wow, I updated Blender, and all seems OK.
It worked fine on the PC, out of the box.


I dropped the skeleton and instructions for installations and use here: hifi-makehuman-skeleton


  • Blendshapes (for mouth movement, expressions, etc.)
  • obsolete the skeleton - Menithal’s bone joining stuff should allow use of the default makehuman skeleton.
  • Adjust toe rotation for non-standard-sized avatars.
  • Eye bones


So… I kinda broke it…

The wep_M.png image is in the folder…


Throw me the mmd link and I’ll check it out…

It means blender can’t find it or some other wounderous bug


Looked good. What was I thinking?
Anyway, I hope someone will record a how-to video, because clearly I need it.

I like this avie, it has boned hair, and other features.

BTW, she’s horizontal.


Did you make sure to Import the model file with the right settings?

Also did it give out any errors when you were converting the models.
Are you also using version 1.0.2 of the plugin? If not, did remember to remove the plugin first before installing the newest version?

An Actual tutorial video is comming out later next week.


Thanks, yeah, I didn’t bring it in right, but I did get rid of the old addons before adding the new one. I will go back to the drawing board. Usually takes me a few tries. Thanks.


Found problem MMD

After import and conversion the eyes look fine until I click the Test Avatar Rest Pose button. Then the eyes look like they have rolled to point down

Link to the model:
TDA City Boy Kaito


Not a problem. The plugin wont solve all the problems, just most of them and makes dealing with them alot quicker and easier.

Thats avatar specific oddity. the head bone is oriented oddly, which causes the head to pull back while the eyes still look forward.

The eyes will always look directly forward, regardless of the orientation of the head.

You can adjust this by either pulling back the top of the head bone, or moving the top of the eye bones forward.

While the plugin does make it easier, some adjustments are still needed to make the avatars work as you want them to work.