High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.3 Released


Thats not the fst export though. That’s the Scene Json export, not export avatar fst..

You should probably increase the font size in Blender so that you can read them: You can do this under Settings > Interface > Scale to make the readability easier (as you’ve said in many posts that you have difficulty reading text :slight_smile: )

It doesn’t support blendshapes. the error is there at the final line of the error
“Modifier cannot be applied to a mesh with shapekeys”. The scene export make sure to apply all modifiers before exporting to avoid issues with the scene not appearing the same as in Blender

Solutions for it ofcourse are comming up but I have other things to do.

I suggest using the actual avatar fst export instead


New Release: 1.1.3

  • FST Export: Fixed a major issue of textures not correctly coming out on fst export if not embedding avatar textures.
  • Various improvements to MMD Import
    • Remove all Specular White to black to remove Metallic
  • Material Utility: Remove All Metallic
  • Added IPFS Upload as an experimental feature and everything related to it. :wink:


Wants list
:smiley: here we go
I want the import mmd selection thing to specifiy its the one for your plugin like the metaverse scene one has

cos i have a bunch of similar things here
I also want the importer to set the scale and check all the correct settings
I have a saved preset , but we want this easy
i want it to auto save the model if we need to have it saved b4 we can use it
demanding aint i
once i press the convert mmd button and its finished i want it to switch to textured glsl mode and the light to be a hemi
save all that faffing for the blender noob


Thats odd because my plugin doesnt add any mmd import methods; You maybe need to check that you dont have two mmd plugins installed instead :slight_smile:

But i could investigate if I can just say “import mmd .pmd avatar for hifi”, that does the conversion at the same time as you import and the configs set. But right now I have no idea to check if a plugin preexists; to use the plugin features, which is causing issues, so thats something for much later.

convert mmd button and its finished i want it to switch to textured glsl mode and the light to be a hemi


auto save the model if we need to have it saved b4 we can use it

Rather not :slight_smile: due to not wanting to overwrite an existing blend file and cause a whole mess with directory, as all the textures will be brought into the directory. but I can make it an option you can turn off.


New Release

IPFS Stuff

  • Added Oauth support for IPFS node services that want to connect them selves to High Fidelity metaverse authentication
  • IPFS upload now opens a link directly to the fst file after uploading avatar files
  • Better error messaging if errors occur during authentication
  • When changing services, the plugin route is checked.

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove All Shadeless was supposed to be Make all Shadeless
  • Fixed an issue with “Selected Only” on Avatar export not exporting selected only.
  • Humble Tim’s OS path fix for linux
  • Oauth Server link is now correct

Server Updates:

  • fox.menithal.com now requires high fidelity authentication, you may now recover accounts with the same username as HiFi but this time using oauth service. If hosting own server, you can turn this off by setting with OAUTH_ENABLED. You can also set your own Oauth servers if you so wish.
  • Updated IPFS Uploads page to be a bit less prototypal.
  • Added Pages to the IPFS Uploads page


Need to test that plugin again. So many things todo.


New Blender Plugin version

Default IPFS Host change

fox.menithal.com has now been removed from the plugin as default. Old users may need to update the url to use the new ip address based url manually (or delete and install the plugin again). New default server url is And has a higher bandwidth. but this means your old uploads are not on the new server. If you want to backup your old stuff, fox.menithal.com will be available for a few weeks


where do i find the url of the avatar im wearing these days?


isnt that in your avatar info :slight_smile: ?


u would think maybe im having a senior moment but where is that again?nvm i found it lol
i might be turning into richardus

bit small innit


Also if you downloaded the plugin update 30 mins ago or earlier, I suggest redownloading it, the zip file was incorrectly packed x.x


i want a refund -.-



You mean a refund of absolutely nothing :slight_smile:


ur not getting away with it that easily i dont accept hfc :stuck_out_tongue:


Temporary Tutorial until I get around to making a better


Bug Fix

  • IPFS API should now have a default if it has not been defined before


  • Make sure to clean up bone names when making them simulate. does quite a bit of various renaming corrections, especially if the pattern does not match the flow app requirements.


Version 1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues regarding physical bone renaming
  • Merge of Bones should be more stable


  • Experimental / Added Custom Skeleton Binding: Experimental Feature - Now allows you to rebind armatures under different names to match High Fidelity.

  • Added Fix Scale and Rotation Button

  • Added Forum Button that opens the forum thread


Hey @Menithal - Just a suggestion.

Would it be possible to get the blender addon updater added to your plugin? I linked the github below.


Hmm I’ll check this definitely out thanks!


Roxie, I’ve used this quite successfully. Thank you. One tip I have found is that you need to raise the avatar a few inches off the ground in Blender if you are wearing shoes. Otherwise, the feet appear to be under the floor in HiFi. There is no head-top so if you want to attach items to the head you will have to manually adjust them.