High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.3 Released


Just as a notice, I am currently working on a few other projects, will continue plugin development after October 8th.


I am using the workflow described by Roxie. It works great. I have one issue that I cannot overcome. My avatar wants to stand on it’s tippie-toes! Once I press the “MakeHuman Avatar” the model adjusts and ends up on his toes. I have tried adjusting the bones so the feet are flat on the ground but it still exports it standing on it’s toes.

Before I press the MakeHuman Avatar button:
After I press the HakeHuman Avatar button:
Manual adjustment:
Output to FBX:

I’m pretty stumped… I have removed all mention of feet or toes in my FST and no changes.


Angle the foot bone (make it steeper) by pulling the tail of it it backwards in the Y direction…

That should sort ya out…


Its been a while!

New Version release 1.2.3 (ninjaed)


  • Added ability to connect/deconnect selected bones to their parents
  • Removed Anim Graph, as it does not exist inthe FST Reader

Bug Fixes

  • UUID generated by FST now actually gets generated by time, instead of just by filename, allowing for better cache busting
  • Axises are now correctly updated for Custom Avatar Bones
  • Refined Custom Bone automatic detection: Now includes better finger detection
  • Refined Bone Name Cleaning feature to be much more Robust
  • Nuke Mixamo prefixes on Any bone button press.
  • Test Pose now Makes sure the pose mode is set to pose instead of rest


Thumbs may still have issues since oddly its naming them with 0s, will have to fix that.

If a finger chain is odd (not following pattern), the process may crash.


Great work! You rock sir!


Version 1.3


  • “Fix Shadeless” to be more understandable. Now does not apply on Avatars (TODO: Add Warning dialog)
  • Fixed Finger detection for naming schemes using shorthand _L after index (CATS finger fix).
  • Updated reference Pose to match the new pose


  • Detect missing Spine1 between Spine2 and Spine in Custom importer, and fix the bones if such occurs to avoid issues with the animation playback
  • Added Clear Pose button next to Tpose button
  • Added Pin Problem bones (Straightens spine, sets foot to reference pose angle, avoiding high-heels syndrome) May require manual tweaking after press
  • Returned Recalculate roll back button, now Match reference Rolls
  • Added Compress Materials button
  • Automatic Binding Common PMD/CATS Blendshapes into Faceshift compat.


This specific issue btw should be solved in the recent version by “Pin Problem bones”


It did not however fix the problem. At what point in the pipeline should I apply the “Pin Problem Bones?”


The very last thing you should do prior to export.


I spent the day messing with this. Sorry but I didn’t retry the “Pin Problem Bones Feature” I reverted back to the previous version of the plugin. Whenever I hit the Makehuman button it would rearrange the rig but it would make the eye bones HUGE. I could have tried to resize them but the last one worked fine so I reinstalled it. I was able to just repose the bones and had better results this time around. I’m sorry it seems I’m taking so long but I started a new job and I haven’t had much time to work on HiFi. On a positive note I now have my Vive and three tackers. I’m gearing up!


Well, I tried to start from scratch and it does appear as the Pin Problem Bones Feature does help. I was mistaken and this seams to have been the fix. There is still a bit of an issue. One is when you hit the Makhuman Avatar button the eye bones get huge.

The other issue is that only the toe bones are pinned. The foot bone should be also pinned. The feet have a small angle off the ground when saved as an FBX. Otherwise, I am quite pleased. Thank you for all your hard work.


The pining orientates the problem bones (mainly, foot and shoulders) to specific angle, so it can rotate it off the position of the avatar, this is fine however, You can adjust this by changing the length of the bone so that it fits into the foot.

The mixamo button will eventually get removed. I am currently working on refining the Custom Avatar button to handle mixamo avatars, since it does the same things. but I still have many edge cases to solve for it to work proper.