High Fidelity Blender Add-On / Plugin - Version 1.5.3 (2.80 RC)

To install, download hifi_tools.zip from

Here is a new tool for you guys to play around with, giving you a robust tool set to export and import from High Fidelity among other things:

Please note that some of the youtube videos below maybe outdated, but the concepts still remain


MMD Guide

Blender Scene Exporting:

  • Support export from Blender to High Fidelity Marketplace, Batch exports a blender scene into multiple fbx files and places them correctly onto a scene ready to be sold or used
  • Allows ATP, Marketplace, and Custom Server baseurls to be predefined
  • Supports
    - Parenting
    - Instancing and Limited Modifier Support (Mirroring, Arrays, Edge split)
    - Basic Lights

Material Tools

Blender 2.8 (Plugin Version > 1.4)

  • Allows for easier pipeline to apply materials to objects, ready for use in High Fidelity Simply use the Principled Shader.

High Fidelity Primitive Importing:

  • Supports All primitive types and basic light importing.
    • Imported Entities are named according to how they are named inworld plus their id, if they have no name, their type or shape is used instead for easier identification
  • Selective Spheres: You can select UV Spheres, similar to Hifi, or even use Quad Spheres for better mapping
  • Generates ready to use Materials depending on entity color that all imported entity shares
  • Automatically UV unwraps primitives for texturing
  • Allows for Boolean Operations to be applied if entities are parented together. By default just joins children together with their parents, however this can be turned off

Does not support Model, Text, (falls back to boxes), Lines and Zone importing.

Avatar Tools:

  • Simplified Avatar Binding (Add template bones to Blender space, edit armature to place,
    press button to correct everything)
    • Pressing a button, creates a correctly scaled and rotated skeleton from the bat.
    • Pressing another button allows you to force an avatar to match the high fidelity skeleton after binding
      ( will not work with shapekeyd avatars just yet)
  • Set Bone Physical - (Armature Edit mode only) Adds a prefix to selected bones for Scripts in High fidelity for physical simulation
  • Remove Bone Physical - (Armature Edit mode only) Removes prefix from selected bones for Scripts in High fidelity for physical simulation
  • Combine Bones - (Armature Edit mode only) Combines bones together
  • Oven Baker Support: Utilize High Fidelity’s Baker to compress models

Avatar Converters

  • MMD Avatar - Translates and fixes MMD models and their materials for them to work in High Fidelity. Full MMD Avatar import guide on MMD.md file in repository
  • Mixamo Avatar - Translates and fixes mixamo models and their materials for them to work in High Fidelity
  • Make Human Avatar - @Roxie addon: Updates Make human avatars to work with High fidelity
  • Custom Avatar Binding- Allows one to bind what ever skeleton to the High fidelity skeleton, similar to mechanim in Unity.

Feature Roadmap for Community Version

  • Avatar Tools: Advanced Avatar Binding (Modifiers with Blendshapes)
  • Avatar Export: Basic FST support
  • Allow the Use of Cycles (via PBR) or evee renderer (via custom PPBR Node that will use PPBR) to preview your scene. Made Free since Blender Internal is being removed.
  • Avatar Export: Limited Subsurface support.
  • Scene Export / Import: Spot Light Support
  • Scene Export: Texture Packaging methods (Separate / Embedded)
  • Scene Export: Armature support for scene export
  • Scene Export: Line support for Finger Paints
  • Export Cleanup: Remove stray vertices, combine materials using the same textures, etc

Features Planned for a Commercial / Backer edition

Commercial Version is on hold as retooling for multiple metaverses instead.

Feedback and Comments Appreciated.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


one small step for a moron one giant leap for hifi

it passed the fool proof test :smiley:



Although I’m not as interested in other in using inworld primitives (real useful for prototyping though!), I look forward to the first two items on your roadmap. Particularly having a rig ready to use and which applies all those tiny details when parenting a model to it automatically. I assuming that “press button to correct everything” means making sure that things like rotation and scale are correct.

The plan is to have the following work flow

  • Button to create the structure skeleton that currently is provided separately
  • You then move the bones to position on the mesh, what ever pose it may be in. and use auto-weight (or manual ) the bones to the mesh.
  • Second button / selector to auto force the skeleton to the HiFi absolute T-pose. Check the dimensions, and then apply rotation and scales to match requirements.

Later on, I will create a variation on ApplyModifierForObjectWithShapeKeys Add-On and bundle it with the second button. as well to make the auto-force of skeleton as painless as possible. The first interation will not support Blend Shapes.


That is wonderful! Thank you, Menithal! When I first rigged a character for hifi, it was the scaling/rotation that threw me off, and it was one of your videos that set me straight. Now if I could just figure out how to get the damn hands to cooperate. :wink:

Figured out more on UI components, so, now only thing left is binding actions.


What Remains: Texture Binding and value sets for existing materials


[Insert squealing like a little girl here]

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Hot off the presses:

New Release: Basic Texture Binding Helper is now available on github. It comes packaged with the same Helper toolkit as the JSON import.

To Update, simply do the same thing as when you installed it. You may need to restart after installing and saving the settings.

Note of caution: I figured out that large normal maps may cause issues with blender fbx export. will need to investigate that more, but try to keep your normal maps small if you are embedding them, otherwise keep them separate. There also seems to be an issue when packaging textures that are not in the same folder as the blend file. If you have them in separate folders and have large normal maps, I advice uploading the models and the textures separately. Will have to report that to Blender Foundation


Thats really nice work
agrees with the textures have to be in the same folder bug
Re large normal maps bigger than 2 k?
And I had to uninstall the old one re install the new one and restart blender b4 it appeared.
Im all in favour of anything that streamlines this stuff and gets the explination of how do I Blender-HIFI? Down to the dream of 1 click.

I had… a massive revelation this morning.

Suddenly Blender:


I logged in to the forum after a couple months of silence just to slap a ‘like’ on this. Well done man!

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Whats up? :slight_smile:

There is a firestorm approaching.

Currently on cool off period as I have to do to rl work but there will be a smell of burned fur before the meeting.


Storm is approaching. Straight from the Forge

New Pre-release: Prototypial Scene Export

Allows you to export a blender scene into a High Fidelity marketplace / Absolute URL Scene in your own server.

Note: You will need to apply your origins before exporting, there are some funky issues related to this, but again, hot build. The Export is a very new setting and is still buggy The rotations seem are off, Will be investigating why exactly over the weekend. It is supposed to use the same mesh if the instance if a clone of another. Right now its not working

You can override the url to be either in a marketplace or your own server to override the paths for the fbx.

  • Also fixed an issue with the transparency setting not appearing:

Great work @Menithal, love it! Thank you!

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After some time on the grind stone:

New Release: Basic Scene Export

Version 0.2.10

Simplifies exports to marketplace, straight from blender to file system, to marketplace to hifi:

  • Supports
    • Basic Lights
    • Automatic Binding of Textures
    • Normalizes rotations / dimensions prior to briginging the objects to Hifi.
    • Batch FBX Export for all content from Blender Scene
    • URL Path Override (You can copy and paste marketplace links to solve for the model paths
    • Rudamentary Instancing (Make sure to center your origins before using them as instances)
    • JSON File Building
    • Object name clean up (remove all “.###” ending for names)

Note that, if you are going to use instanced objects, do avoid the use of modifiers array, and have centered their origins to bounds. Do it prior to using the instances. Otherwise parts will move around in the scene on export


Phase one.


Oh my god a script, and then a skeleton. What does it mean?! Does this mean we’re on our way to an auto-rigging system?!

EDIT: May I please have that texture you’re using for your floor with the ruler/measurements on it?

Oh that’s the default build platform you have in your sandbox or if you visit maker :smiley: you could grab the texture of that, don’t have the link to it unfortunately.

In anycase right now it’s a script that creates the high fidelity skeleton. Autorigging is still done through blender but I am planning to add some magic to it to make it more quicker to rig a character regardless of their pose.