High fidelity crash on startup


High fidelity startup crashes by latching on start window as shown in photo.

How do I solve?


Your graphics hardware is either insufficient or driver is insufficient. What is your graphics device?


My graphics device is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650.


Do you know if there are updated drivers for that hardware?


With this video card Second Life works fine. So I do not understand why High Fidelity does not start.


Try going to https://highfidelity.com/ and then see if you can login by selecting a domain.

This is a hit and miss solution.


I tried to get in high fidelity from one of the domains in highfidelity.com but nothing.


I did some short search, wich driver version are you using. It’s posisble that you use a very old driver that works fine with the old secondlife that is based on older technology but not with high fidelity. The fix could be to installe the latest ati driver. But there’s a catch, because only the 15.x beta driver have the fix for SL The advise is to not install version 14.9.2 and 14.12 https://modemworld.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/latest-amd-catalyst14-12-drivers-continue-sl-rigged-mesh-woes/

SO depends on what driver version you now run, but because you use SL too the advise is to not go higher then 14.4 drivers. unless 15.x is available.


Ah wait! I’m using the beta driver on my PC and it does fix the SL issue. However I have had issues with Interface crashing after installing it, it’s very random alas.


ati use the beta driver