High Fidelity Dev version update notification


I just tried it, started 4670. No update notification.
Uninstalled high fidelity and did reinstall with 4670
Still No update notification.

Why do i not get any update notifications anymore with the developer version ?


How long have you been in Hifi, if there is always an update


You will only get updates when the stable version (from /download) updates. That’s the plan.

It should be noted that the intent of this new process is to prevent customers from having to experience new regressions bugs that aren’t present in the latest stable release… and the process is already paying dividends: we’ve recently accidentally introduced bugs in dev builds that are not present in the stable version. We won’t be releasing a new stable version until those “regression” bugs have been fixed.


But i do not use a stable version, but the dev version. And keep using it until high fidelity is good enough to start creating things. And @chris where thinking the dev version still get update notifications.

I think it’s only usefull to start to use stable when terrain and water is implement and good enough. A few monthsmore developer version not hurt. Only problem is you hit more bugs. :wink:

Ok, did read it again. you say that the developer version never get update notifications anymore.


To long ? :sweat_smile:


I think there’s a clear misunderstanding of what the stable and dev releases are all about. For example, we are still going to be doing stable releases very frequently… we have no plans to hold back on working features. If the dev release has features that are working, they will be released into the stable release regularly.

In other words… you’ll see new features like terrain and water in the stable release pretty much as soon as they are available and working in the developer release. You’re not going to get “new features sooner” by running the developer release… you’re just going to get more churn and potentially more bugs.


Ok. I put the ‘stable’ back. and just go wait and see.

Because this sunday some testing where needed, so i keep both versions installed in seperate directories. You just still need both.