High Fidelity, difficult to setup. More difficult to move to new server


High Fidelity is pretty difficult in setup and pretty hard / impossible to move to new server.

Well i just finished the move, unpack the high fidelity folder to local and roaming. Start high fidelity. Oops firewall. Fixt the firewall. Oh ip in the web interface on the high fidelity side. Still no luck. Oh, mabye i need to disconnect high fidelity account and reconnect.

Anyway, my domain is still dead. but i can access the web interface on my domain.
It would btw be nice if the logs use the windows dpi setting. and not some tiny barly readable custom font. Now you need another extra copy and paste step for the log.
Throwing the log to @b AM nuts or ?

Anyway Opensim is 10 time smore easy in moving between systems.


Uch, the firewall where set, but at the same time not. so it blocked some port still. Sorry @b if i wasted time.


Not a problem! Hope everything is running smoothly now.