High Fidelity Event Calendar


For your convenience, we’ve got a Google Calendar up and running with a schedule of High Fidelity events. At a glance, you can now check out our schedule for in-world events, and also events such as conferences and meetups where High Fidelity staff will be presenting, demoing, etc.

This will replace the need to make a weekly post about the longstanding Friday meetups. If the location changes (i.e., is not in Playa for some reason), or the meetup is rescheduled, we’ll change the event on this calendar.

Can I get an event put on this calendar?

Yes! If you are holding a High Fidelity event and would like to invite the public, please follow the instructions here to submit it! For now, we will be adding such events to this calendar on a case-by-case basis. As the community grows, we will develop more formal criteria.

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3D Modeling Office Hours
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Apparently I have no sound in build 5029 right now... oO
The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!
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Sunday Hangout: July 3 2016 @ 18 UTC
The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!
The Welcome Thread. Introduce Yourself!
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I do think there should be a post made for the official meetings as well where there can be info about what is going to be discussed and the sort. Some also seem to be mostly active in the forums, and not so much in the worlds so both a post and this probably would help a bit.


Today’s meetup will happen at the same time as usual, but in a different location. To get to it, you’ll need to paste empty.highfidelity.io into your High Fidelity navigation bar (the whole thing, not just “empty”).

See you there!


is this happening still I went along earlier and was asked to leave
now i dont see any developers on line? @jess


It’s happening, we’re there now. We saw you for a split second earlier. Come baaaack. :wink:


ah lots here i shall set myself to invisible 2
cos that helps community


I’ll watch the video.


So we will be able to mute the sound of people but not the deafening sound of gun shots…
I wanna turn that stuff down cos i have to turn the sound up to hear people
and i don’t want my headphones and ears wrecked with that crap


Good question, complete forgot it. Sounds are way and way to loud and voice to soft. Yes would be nice if that can be turned down.


Agreed, and this has been discussed several times. The last time I mentioned this I suggested create sound categories (and yes, some jerk can decide to spoof the category - they will get banned). But the point of categories would be to let us adjust the levels of: avatar speech, sound FX, ambient FX, music/vid audio. Yes, that requires some changes to the audio mixer tech, but without those kinds of adjustments or at the very least some kind of audio level limiter preference in interface, we’re going to have a product that injures people’s hearing.


Also, ideally, there needs to be a way we can adjust individual avs’ sound up and down, too, among other things.


According to the devs in the meeting there is a PR that fixes an issue with the audio, as the fall off was not being calculated correctly, which is causing people to be way too quiet nearby, and way too loud far away, and cuts off oddly, and not behaving the same as entity audio.


Today’s hangout will be held in Empty, not Playa, so that we can test out new seating! Apologies for the late notice.


I still haven’t figured out how to select a chair to sit on when I’m in desktop-mode. Right-clicking it brings up a menu of general-gui-related stuff, not actions-related-to-this-entity. Or maybe they’re in there under one of the menus and I just haven’t spotted it yet. Am I missing something?


Well its interesting to hear people playing subsonic tones at high volume
I might try that 2 cos its fun to wreck audio equipment right kids.
why are the once weekly meetings always griefed?


I’m basically hearing a soft rumblerumbleTINGrumblerumbleTING… sorta sound.


Sennheiser hd650’s into a audioquest dragonfly red the bass end felt like it was going to come apart

I have to turn up the audio to hear people then asshats grief the thing

is 1 at a time beyond the realms of possibility
or maybe we have a kids meeting then the adults have one later?


What WAS that flurry of stuff given out at the meeting on Playa? I had a flurry of “Do you accept this object?” dialogs which I simply accepted each of, figuring we were being given one or the other of the winning contest pets, but I didn’t pay it that much attention. :confused:


It was the pets. :slight_smile: