High Fidelity Event Calendar


Would the pets have anything to do with the dull rumblerumblerumbledingrumblerumblerumbleding I’ve been hearing since Playa?

(relogs) Ah, relogging cleared it.


Walk up to the chair and bump into it - you are then seated.
Move forward while seated - you then stand.


Pet ‘griefing’. A user experience (UX) suggestion to people. Never pop dialog boxes with only “OK”. There should always be a “Cancel” or some other equivalent of “No, thank you” option that immediately disengages.


Aye but its interesting to know users can be forced to run scripts
can anyone help me do one to harvest user credit card details?
that would be super cool fanks


No weekly meetup tomorrow; @caitlyn will be at VRLA. Back to the regularly scheduled meetups next week!


Class @ 11AM Pacific Time today. @james_hifi I am in process of upgrading to the latest build for the server.



Guys, send the zeplin in !


@Jess - is @james_hifi OOO today or just running late?


His computer froze while upgrading video card drivers. He’ll be right there. :slight_smile:


@AlphaVersionD hey – current builds of interface are just crashing on my machine after about a minute, wherever i go. or if i switch to HMD mode. apologies. i’ll file some bugs. if you all have any particular questions, you all can email me at james@highfidelity.io

we could start a thread in the scripting subcategory too and do an async office hours this week.


:slight_smile: it’s no biggie. we are having a mid-week Alpha meetup. we’ll get at ya next week.


Shame I didnt have the time to get to the meeting as well, I had other things to attend to and organize, but after doing that I should finally have more time again to hang out in Hifi!


Class is in session… sort of… the server was down for a bit. I’m here early if anyone has intro questions. @james_hifi will be on in 1 hour.


I should pay more attention to the calendar, Ive been keeping my self busy with a physical project.


Today’s hangout will take place in Empty instead of Playa, same time as usual!


So, we’re gonna be… running on Empty? :smiley:

(Drives up in and old clunker of a car… which runs out of gas as he gets there…)


@Jazmin is doing 3D modeling office hours again this week, and they’re up on the calendar now.


The weekly meeting location will take place in Empty, same time as usual.

Also, please note that the default location for future Friday weekly meetups is now Empty rather than Playa!


Looks like we’ve gone to Playa (temporarily?) Ah, now we’re going back to Empty.


Yep, we’re in Empty! There was a brief detour to Playa but now we’re back.