High Fidelity Event Calendar


I play after Kevin every thursday now as well. Also hosting a bit of a scavenger hunt and my songs are the clues. So far only one of three have been found. Will give more clues this coming thursday if they still aren’t found.


Some events added and some others moved, so make sure to check the calendar to keep up to date.

  • Tablet design meeting
  • Ice Disco event
  • Live music performances have migrated from Thursdays to Saturdays


Was very nice for you to allow users to attend this kickoff meeting. I learned a lot about the future of UI; and as someone that struggled with UI creation in Interface (learning QML, running .js through the message mixer) it was great to have some insight as to what is coming.

My Touch controllers arrive within a week.



Shame, did not see the tablet meeting. it’s not saying much to. So i mabye missed soemthing pretty important. :neutral_face:


We’ve removed greeter hours from the calendar, because greeter coverage is now “every day, pretty much all the time.” :tada:


Hi Everyone, Krysania, McMuze and myself are going to be performing at 3 different times hoping to allow more options for each of you.

Tomorrow I will be performing at 2pm, Krysania - TBD - McMuze 11am Sat


THURSDAY #KevinMThomas #LIVE #VR #Concert 2pm PST @highfidelityinc @steam_games Good-Times hifi://good-times #Tech


Bumping this one back to the top. Some interesting things are happening. Hope to see some of you around. :smiley:


Except that the beter update the calender.
For today the information is already incorrect. Is everything else still correct ?


A note for this week’s community meeting: it will be at the normal time, but it will take place in Zaru. You’ll need to download the latest dev build of High Fidelity to get in here -> https://highfidelity.com/dev-download.


In addition, we’ve added some Blender avatar creation workshops to the schedule. These will be run by community member @whyroc.


I did try to make it to one of your workshops but unfortunately my hours and your hours are much different as to I travel quite a bit


Hey Bill, hopefully you can make it to some of the sessions, if not we can certainly look at repeating the series again at some point.


Thank you for your encouragement I will definitely try to attend one of them in the future


No community meeting this week. We’ll see you next week!


In the wake of SVVR…
is or isn’t there gonna be a community meeting today?


There is not. Sorry to cancel again. We’re aiming to start up again next week!


On a semi-related note… Did we lose Empty? I usually park my av there when I log out. Came back in and got a location-not-available error, so went to Welcome.


Empty’s up and running, no permissions changes. Try again after relog?


Heads up, everyone: @philip will be holding this week’s community meeting in hifi://zaru tomorrow. :slight_smile: