High Fidelity Event Calendar


Just a note, the weekly community meeting tomorrow will take place in Welcome in this lovely new shady spot, rather than in Empty. The time remains the same: 2pm PDT! :deciduous_tree:


4PM ? that’s 2 hours later then normal. Is that correct ?


Typo! Fixed now. :slight_smile:


I’m really looking forward to the meeting under the beautiful new trees in Welcome tomorrow!

And I would be really happy and thankful if all members of our community could be allowed (back) to Welcome in view of this occasion :slight_smile:


NOTE: Going forward, Friday community meetings will now take place in Zaru!


There appears to be a meetup today after all, despite what the calendar says


re avatar name

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dasani see uk


Well, for the first time trying to attend a meeting here, I almost made it. Got into Zaru (great looking place) and my controllers decided not to advance my avatar except for teleporting. So, I TP’d all the way to the seats and… lost my audio. ha ha - couldn’t hear a thing. Oh well, for a total HiFi noob, I will gently pat myself on the back that I even made it there. I think I will address the Help section though, as now my controllers won’t do anything but turn me around and TP me. Hmmmm.

I will definitely try again next week though. :slight_smile::thumbsup:


Audio is complete broken for me in beta 40
To walk smooth you need to enable advanced movement. I wish the would have that enabled by default. TP walking sucks.


Thank you so much Richardus! Yes, that was it - when I updated to 40, it reset my advanced options and took away advanced movement. Audio is a hit and miss for me. I could hear audio fine in the Welcome area, but it completely disappeared in Zaru. I’m not completely familiar with the structure of HiFi, but 20 avatars in one room could affect lag I imagine. I’ve noticed a significant delay in my audio when there are 10+ people in the Welcome area as opposed to if there are, say, 2.


Just a note that we’ve got two music events in addition to the community meeting today, all in Zaru! Hope you can come. We’ll be seeing some of the new Doob avatars at the community meeting, too.


Just a suggestion for next meeting… the sound attenuation is off in Zaru … main speakers on stage are booming over any other comments from audience.

Also since the meeting is a good place for people to see the capabilities of HI Fi, the Zaru theater design is nice, but it doesn’t pop or use advanced materials…could it get a refresh? And one more also, why are there so many seats in there? The front area should be open for people to stand and mill about.




My standing desk, Drax and I are planning a show about vr and watching him trying to sit down on the chairs makes no one look good. The round standing desk provides a soft stage. People on it will be a little louder than the surroudning audience but there is much less barrier between audience and stage.VR works better standing up its better with all that movement. We should focus on that rather than making people look stupid on unfinished sit scripts.


At today’s community meeting, @sam, the rendering team lead, will be a special guest! Bring your questions. :slight_smile:


and your pitch forksssss


Just a note for those who expressed interest a while back, there’s a scripting office hour on the calendar for next week.


Just for the record:
I absolutely love the Monday Maker Meetup!!
It’s so great to have a regular appointed time to ask questions, and even on the dates I don’t have a current task to address I just learn so much “on the fly” there :sunglasses:
Thanx so much @Caitlyn & the maker crowd :purple_heart:


Would like to join you there as well, but its nearly impossible to get there on Mondays for me.


Unfortunately the same accounts to me regarding the Collaborators Meetup - the weekend is reserved for family, so I can seldom make it, although I loved the times I was able to spend there :purple_heart:


Just a heads up that next week’s Monday Maker Meetup, Mid-Day Music, and Community Meeting have been canceled as your hosts will be traveling and/or too full of turkey leftovers to speak. The schedule will continue as usual the following week.