High Fidelity Event Calendar


How about an inworld Thanksgiving then for the European crowd? :yum: :turkey: :sunglasses:


On today’s meeting - after making a fool of myself :wink: - I had the misfortune of constantly crashing (i.e. not being able to stay in Zaru after the first seconds of connecting).

Murphy’s Law proved it’s existence here - as this has been the meeting I was really most excited to go to (I wanna know everything about the new Commerce System!)!

So here’s the question:
Is there a way to get hold of the stream which has been recorded at todays Community Meeting (December 8th)?
That would be awesome!!

XaoS aka the HFC Pizza :pizza::money_mouth_face:


Your lucky to have Internet.


How that?

…I thought I was the only one to be hit by murphy’s law :dizzy_face:


Nope he hit me when we moved too a great little town named Trenton Tennessee.
And the place we live has no Internet access.


The event calendar embed in the OP is no longer showing up properly. We’re looking into why. In the meantime, the link still takes you to the calendar. Sorry for the inconvenience!


UPDATE: Discourse reports that they’ve fixed the issue, and we should be able to see the calendar embed correctly next week.


Calendar embed is now functioning. Carry on. :tada:


I did not know you can look in side something like that. He he he.


Monday Maker Meetup is canceled for February 19, 2018, as the office is closed that day for President’s Day. We’ll resume on February 26!


Scheduling note: We’ve added some more bank hours for next week, adjusted tomorrow’s (Friday, March 23rd) bank hours, and added a scaling event where there is HFC and more to be had. :slight_smile:


Heads up, we’ve added more bank hours and some DJ events to the calendar!


Hi everyone!
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of The JimJamz show :grinning: Jimi & I will be in Rust today at 5pm PDT celebrating the anniversary and playing some music after Nurse Noise’s show.
We’d love to have you join us. :clinking_glasses: :champagne:

Hope to see you all there!

Here’s a link to The JimJamz Show playlist on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghSlSKh41Hc&list=PLoe9GsfO1mjms6e8dtsWUc787QliYRfce&index=18




Another FYI:


Burning Man in High Fidelity

On Saturday, September 1st at 3pm PST, we’re gonna have a HiFi-Burn in @Playa :purple_heart::fire::sunglasses:

Everybody is invited to build in there :smiley:
So feel inspired (https://burningman.org/event/live-webcast/) to put anything colorful & sparkly on our Playa, so that we can recreate this best party of the world in VR!


Hooray @Jazmin & @Ashleigh_Harris :purple_heart: :sunglasses:

Would it be possible to put this announcement & poster on the High Fidelity Event Calendar?

For Twitter I’m gonna compose a new announcement as soon as we have a cool community building(s) picture tonight.

Hooray @Everyone :purple_heart: :sunglasses:

I’m gonna be building in @Playa today from 3pm PST on and would be overjoyed if many of you join me making our HiFi-Burn unforgettable with their beautiful creations!


The calendar should have a meaningful name, not just “events” so when I add it to my other calendars I can tell who it belongs to…


I wish I didnt work during the workshop events for 3D beginners. u_u I hope I can make the next one on my days off.