High Fidelity Marketplace Fee Structure


You are right about the having fun part but calling an entire user base idiots based on the ease of one import tool sounds a bit spiteful. The best mmd import method for VRC involves Blender and Unity and takes some time to do correctly. The tool you reference was user created to be helpful in the conversion process. I’m not sure how you can hold that against the community for helping each other out.


Didnt mean to be spiteful next gen is a age group not a technology. If it appealed to me it woudl be doin somthing wrong
6000 a day is appealing to a demographic
hifi struggells to appeal to builders
its doin alot right
i think a lotta small things rather than 1 massive one
but its kicking our arses

isnt holding it agaisnt u is saying its the kinda thing we despratly need here. I teach 3D modelling and getting avatars in here makes me spit.If its not easy its not fun, why would anyone bother


I think this is what Judas is referring to… maybe calling us Hifiers Idiots for trying to import and avatar in here is more on point since here it ‘takes alot of time to do incorrectly’.


I guess from a new user perspective ease of operation is nice the “Body Shop” is easy to walk into and import to my avatar and save is great. Although starting from scratch modeling,Rigging,Color and Texture mapping and then importing into High Fidelity sounds daunting if not purely overwhelming knowing what programs work and which ones are better to use may take some time for me to learn. I have to give you guys a round of applause :clap:there is a lot of operators in HF that just want to make this successful learning the ropes or knowing someone who does seems to be the key . Most ppl I have conversed with who are programmers are fully willing to assist anyone who shows intrest .


If we could have such a plugin to fix imported mixamo avatar in blender… that would be already something.


I think the best thing would be to get the physics and VR part from hifi. And the graphics and desktop ui from sansar. throw that in a bucket and blend it.

Going to hide now before the storm. :grin:


HiFi’s pace of development might be described as measured, a vital requirement of avoiding getting locked into non-ideal solutions, and the most likely route to winning in the end.

If I am seeing things correctly (Correct me if I am wrong!), @RickieRickRack, has a good instinct that a pricing / revenue utopia in HiFi might exist in how crypto value could be linked to the manipulation of data objects. i.e. if the work of creating and maintaining objects can somehow yield measurable value, like in the way crypto coins are generated from solving problems, then the work of creating and manipulating things in the VR space could be set to automatically generate crypto coins, as a form of puzzle solving. Thus users manipulating data could be effectively mining coins. HiFi could then automatically get revenue by a form of tax on the revenue generated by all users creating and manipulating objects, in a similar way as the “Gas” charges in Ethereum work. In addition, as this activity would be done on a blockchain basis, creators of any item could most likely then prove prior art of anything they create, just by inspecting the blockchain, and checking exactly what they got paid for. Everyone would still have the option of buying and selling items as usual. The challenge is in identifying an appropriate set of features that represents a fair representation of the value of an object manipulation / creation. I am sure this could be solved using “The wisdom of the Crowd”.


Check out R/garlicoin It started as a reddit meme turned Garlic Bread Dating Simulator now likely to be a real game on steam. Out of that 75000 signed up for the game soon to be in game crypto currency garlic coin …Anyone remember Doge coin mined as a joke or community mining trade coin. They have millions of users poised to play and use in game exchange currency .I believe HFC is innovation for creation as well as an opportunity for user supported to be like shareware was back in the day ready to take off. Who will position themselfs for the sheer joy of creating a buzz for use and push adaptation and acceptance that involves anyone willing to invest their time and computer CPU or GPU cycles. Hard to use while mining could be much better served by use in game or involvement as you are more vested creating more levels of interaction much like this community and discord. :thinking:


@RickieRickRack for sure, cool examples, though Doge coin has a strong chance of one day being classed as a security by various governments, so might end up fair game for seizures one day, as it does not appear to be restricted for use in any particular community. If I am interpreting you correctly, I agree, better to have some kind of activity which involves human interaction to generate coins than pure mining. That’s what I understand utility tokens to mean, giving folks possibilities to earn tokens from their activities in the target community, rather than uselessly tying up processing power with pure mining activities. Here’s another good example of a Utility token which is surely relevant to HF: https://rendertoken.com/


P.S. I do have a fundamental criticism of rendertoken, in that it appears to be proprietary, driven by a profit making entity, so their aim to become the medium of currency throughout the metaverse is flawed… there will be at least one free alternative.


I was reading all this and thinking can not Mcoin, Bitcoin and as such be used for it may help give HF a boost.


Just an interesting note for users and builders of HiFi for blockchain contracts connected and could be added to the ledger of HFC for verification for all who paticipate. https://subtletv.com/baakdCU/Smart_contracts_-_Simply_Explained


Just an update for you on this:

We’re removing the fee structure page discussed herein from the website; we aren’t planning on implementing it in the immediate future, and what shape it may actually take is very much up in the air.

Many thanks for the feedback you gave on what was there.


Either it has physics problems or it has scripted helium Java.
Sorry about the up in the air a joke.