High Fidelity Minigolf Challenge - And the winners are


Greetings, members of the High Fidelity community!

We’re happy to share the results of our High Fidelity Mini-Golf Challenge, which was a mini-golf hole design competition to show off the world-building skills of creative and technically skilled folks in High Fidelity! We received excellent submissions, and after taking time to ruminate and examine each one, we’ve finally decided on the winners. It was quite a difficult decision, actually, because each submission had a unique sparkle, charm and sense of accomplishment to them.

You’ll be able to try each of these holes in High Fidelity yourself at the minigolf domain quite soon!

Piper’s Golfing Gulley by Piper Peppercorn
The golfing gulley impressed us in many ways: It’s comprehensive and complete feeling. Careful use of cinematic-style lighting, subtle sound effects and audio configuration helped to create a completely immersive, magical experience. There’s a sense of exploration and surprise, as the hole takes the player along several different hidden corners, and the execution was painstaking.

Haunted Graveyard by Adrian
A spooky haunted graveyard and manor featuring lots of triggered events, audio cues and custom ghostly particles, Adrian’s creation is a lot of fun, and definitely the spookiest of all contributions.

Something is Different by Richardus
Alpha user Richardus created a lovely interior golf course set atop a desk inside a well-appointed interior. By making creative use of scale, Richardus’ thoughtful creation gives the player a sense of having shrunk down to a few inches height. Books and other small desktop sundries take on a new magnitude and create a unique and imaginative environment. Also, as an Easter-egg, Richardus made clever use of the High Fidelity mission statements, which did not go unnoticed. A big thank you to Richardus for this well-made and imaginative creation!

Wreck of the Medusa by Judas
Judas’ creation is for the salty sea dog in all of us. Begin high above the open seas and putt your ball down the curviest slope in the metaverse, and straight into the belly of the whale.

Floating Island by Toger
A peaceful floating island in the sky with a gentle windmill turning in the breeze, Toger’s creation has a unique sloped run and a special ball launching treat: If you time things just right, the windmill blades can catapult your ball right into the hole!

Would you like to contribute to the High Fidelity mini-golf course? Even though the contest is over, it’s not too late to contribute. If you’d like to create your own hole, let us know! If it’s awesome enough, we’ll loop it into the main course circuit.

Mini-Golf Challenge - Discussion

That looks really fun. an underwater sunken treasure ship would make a great addition, if only I had the skills to pull it off contributing wise.

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