High Fidelity not going out of business?


After this last release I fully expected a going out of business on their website. Are they trying to see how bad it can get before people start leaving? Or is this purely down to incompetence?




Hi @darlingnotin, please do us the favor of posting about bugs either in the release note thread, or in the Bugs category if you’re not sure what release the issue is tied to. We’d love to know what you’re seeing, and any details you may be able to provide would be helpful.


I’d be demanding my money back!


Sounds like you dumped a whole lot of money into something you hadn’t researched/tested beyond your own preconceptions. I spend too much of my professional life picking up the pieces after academics do exactly that to have much sympathy there, I’m afraid.

I am following HiFi closely on a home-box installation and will consider a paid-for server when (if) it develops the features I need. Costs me nothing but idle time.


The investors are responsible for their own due diligence. Not anyone else. Certainly not me. And considering your own pre-‘investment’ research as implied, I wouldn’t recommend they consult you either!

I get it. You spent your money and now feel foolish and want to vent on someone other than yourself. Thanks for sharing. You can trottle off to WebVR land now and be happy. I have to trottle of to work and be frustrated now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.


Yayaya we have trolls !!! It means we’ve made it!


Again, if there are specific issues troubling you, the place to put those is in Bugs. If you want to have a serious discussion about the merits of various approaches and technologies, this category is fine. Let’s all keep it civil in here, please, and not resort to insults if there’s a real point to be made.


Some advice:

Criticism is good.

But when you are always 100% negative and not providing anything constructive, people will eventually start to tune you out. Because no one likes a Debbie Downer. And then your message, however valid it may have been, becomes completely lost.

Just take a break from High Fidelity. Go play in Janus VR and come back here in a year to see what’s improved. Guaranteed that High Fidelity will be in a better place by then. Being an early adopter isn’t for everyone.


@Debs I won’t call ‘troll’ on this one as he is expressing a real grievance. Just not expressing it in a particularly useful or constructive way.


That’s too bad, you’re a talented artist…

Its also possible to do it for $0 in High Fidelity, in fact that’s the default. . any more expense would be to support more than a couple avatars, Agreed once you hit a certain concurrency it gets expensive, but this can be avoided by paying per usage in the cloud server rather than needing to reserve full instances etc… I have spent about $100 or more before I realized that 99.90% of the time Sandbox Local is totally suitable unless you really are expecting to pack the place. , so kick in $20 for a place name… its not so bad.

Compare it to running a Wordpress site. it gets expensive really quickly when the traffic goes up. Web hosting in general costs money ever increasing as rich media gets richer.

VR spaces that offer free or cheap hosting may have an advantage at this stage to get early adopter, but just wonder about the sustainability.

Would very much recommend @Midnight for reasonable monthly hosting package so you don’t even have to touch amazon.


I can’t think why they don’t unban you from the welcome area lol .
The business model is they get a million dollars when ever someone who rage quits comes back :stuck_out_tongue:


Then I apologise.

However, I don’t personally see any valid grievance, just a lot of negatives and anger - this person is talking about a platform that’s still in Beta. I spent 10 years in Second Life and the Beta phase cost me money - over $20,000 - however, speculate to accumulate and all that.

I am afraid the above name and behavior is similar to Trolls who try to destroy morale. Even though, as you say, that is not their intention, however, it would appear that this person’s investment is elsewhere. When investment is elsewhere and competition is felt, some feel it is sensible to try to crush the opposition. I don’t find the name “darling-not- in” very conducive to positivity and on a psychological examination of the text written, it would appear that the aim is to reduce moral and get people to quit HF.

I personally applaud investors for supporting this platform as it’s a radical move from the ‘lock-in’ positions of most other platforms. Perhaps it’s not for the small time gamer, but more fro the professional who seeks an alternative to other platforms that only offer a lock-in models.

Just my 10 pennies worth. Apologies if it offends anyone, including previously said Troll.


Oh no, It was definitely trollish behavior. I just felt there was a (very-poorly-expressed) grievance behind it rather than just a desire to pull a reaction. I obviously don’t agree with the grievance, but I felt there was credit for there actually being one in there somewhere. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes Debs : with HiFi I think we all appreciate : no lock, very scalable,
pretty modular, vast and rich APIs, affordable, audio in, support all
origins for avatars, friendy still powerful scripting (JS)… and of
course multi-devices and sensors.

In French we say “laisser du temps au temps” …


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