High Fidelity not going out of business?


ups looks like i make a fail with darlings pic (false replay)


whispers … when are the touch controllers fixed in terms of editing the items on the device … ^ _ ^

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I suppose that it’s because nothing really better has been found outside… :wink:


nothing new in Virtual worlds it gives them more ability to hide the true nature of themselves. some of us have grown inside from our experiences becoming a better person while others they become even more blind to discovering the person they never allowed themselves to be and continue the same habits that induce the denied self hatred that propels them act the way they do.

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you’ll be free if you truly wish to be.
-Philip Linden


Isn’t that quote actually Roald Dahl? :wink:


That Scientific American article was very interesting, but I would add to it. It’s not just the histrionic and borderline personality disorders that create chaos in social and vocational spaces. The entire Cluster B of personality disorders can be a factor. Those with narcissistic personality Disorder can be as difficult to handle. In addition, antisocial personality disorder shows a strong correlation with CEOs and directors of large corporations. It’s interesting stuff, if you believe in it, and I do.

Since these are learned and character/temperament disorders change is difficult, but possible with intense cognitive-behavioral therapy. Meds seldom work, although they can treat underlying depression and bipolar disorder.

About Cluster B personality disorders


I seen it in a profile someplace, so it must be true?:thinking: I like to think they quoted Philip instead :slightly_smiling_face:


WW -> Willy Wonka, from Charlie and the Chocolate_Factory written by Roald Dahl :smiley:

In anycase, in any situation where people congregate, do personalities always come up front. We have a varied community here who, mostly come from entire different backgrounds.


Also like so many other disorders both of the body and mind that are skyrocketing in numbers in the western world, a large portion can be traced back to diet with almost all processed foods containing hormone blockers/inducers and brain damaging oils like trans fat…even sugar is very damaging in small amounts.

I had my tap water tested and the amount of heavy metals like lead and mercury was mind blowing, not to forget fluoride a byproduct added to the water that is from nuclear reactors since the 1950’s that even the Nazi’s and communists were fond of as natural fluoride they found made people less smart, more docile to be indoctrinated and besides the old USSR used it heavily only America poisons its own people with it, in North Africa fluoride contamination in the water wells is the leading cause of 80% of birth defects and child death.

My thoughts are nutritional diet often is the a large factor for emotional well being, deep water fasting can help I’ve learned.

DSM-5 a good reference book, after years of waiting for DSM-4 to be updated past the revision edition, it still has left many in the psychological community frustrated with how so disorders were categorized or even completely left out, I felt it still lacking clarity in helping create better profiles of patients, in some regards it has digressed of features many had lobbied clarity for since the late 1980’s.


Thank you sir for the correction :neutral_face:


DSM-5 is truly a political document. There is intense lobbying for recognition, and I am sure you won’t be surprised to find Big Pharma is a big part of it.

You can’t medicate personality disorders, so the lovely attempt at reorganizing them along more scientific lines (see the appendix), failed miserably.

Also a shocking fail: The old white men refused to provide a diagnosis for PTSD caused by childhood physical and sexual abuse. Hmmmmm, wonder why that was?

Anyway, enough for me. Too much reality, and not enough virtual. :slight_smile:


:peace_symbol: With all this talk on - / triggered by Darling, let’s not forget how much she used to contribute to the community.
I will always remember how she - when I was being harassed by Britbong on my second day inworld - immediately came up with an invisible portal which would lock griefers down temporarily in a distant domain hosted on her server.
I was really impressed by this community spirit :heart: and this fired back to HiFi in a positive way.
Also she always helped out whenever someone needed technical or practical assistance.
Although there probably aren’t many excuses for her current behavior - I do miss “the old Darling”.
And I’m sad how the spirit from - and towards her has turned around :cry:


That might be so but going out the door she said some very rude, untrue and defaming remarks about Philip and Staff …her posts were not seen by most as voiced in a diplomatic dialog over legit concerns but the remarks were outright slanderous.

All those posts were deleted because they grossly violated even the most generous community standards and high fidelity has very liberal open conversation standards.

As said before most know this platform is Alpha-Betalike an know it might take years to really reach the demographics set by High Fidelity.

And her creating youtube accounts called “High Fidelity Sucks” & High Fidelity is a Scam" is not trolling? using one type of platform to attack another throwing away any meaningful dialog that was offered not only by Staff but other Residents.

Everyone has concerns and sometimes that can get momentarily heated but it was taken to a whole new level and the things said about Philips motives regarding this platform were one side not based on any facts.

I’ve known him since early alpha in lindenworld and he has always been sincere in his passion to help create a better world,always passionate to share his dreams…the deleted comments were unfair :sob:

I think I’ll stay in read only mode for an extended time maybe 2018 or later until then goodbye :zipper_mouth_face:


I know I said I would lay off on this one, but I listened to a podcast over the weekend (Serial season 1) where the defense lawyer really lost it… and it reminded me this situation (I won’t name names, you can find it easy enough)

In the clips they played from the trial , the lawyer got really angry at witnesses etc, prosecutor, tried to bully them with important sounding legaleze and hanging conclusions… Problem was this tactic was totally lost on the Jury who said they didn’t feel like she was conveying any meaningful information for the defense.

What’s my point? The point is that the delivery is everything! Of course Hifi has issues, and indeed I have thought at some times it ‘sucks’ but If you want to help improve things as a community member, the best way is to respectfully and clearly state your grievances. This kind of angry showboating is a very quick to get yourself ignored, and guess what the louder you are the faster the ‘mute’ button gets clicked.

I have notin’ (see what I did there) against her, have stated previously she’s talented artist has some valid points about Hifi’s sustainability, suggest could have been communicated more effectively . Peace Out Yo!


A lot of us have money invested in this. As an early adopter you have to expect these sorts of things. HiFi is just getting started and most people have never even heard of it before. Cryptocurrency is going in soon, which will attract content creators. Content will attract users. Right now that #1 reason there isn’t a huge userbase is lack of users. I am very confident this will change.

I understand your frustrations, many of us are frustrated as well. I created a thread especially for this and I invite you to post there. Please post exactly what you have a problem with. We need to bring this stuff out in the open and have honest discussions about it.

The HiFi team knows that content providers are going to be their bread and butter and I am sure they are willing to listen to us. They really have no choice.


Yeah! Now you’re talkin’!


versuche mir das mal in Deutsch zu erklären


high fidelity saugt.


erinnert mich an meine Zeit als FemBoy in SL hmmmm


bin mal gespannt wann man die Touch Controler User Freundlich macht um Sachen zu positionieren dann denke ich macht HF richtig Spass