High Fidelity on Steam in November?


Did I hear this right? Hifi is releasing on steam in November?

I hope you guys realize it’s going to get TOTALLY SHREDDED with bad reviews.



Want to note that there plenty of VR games on steam that are not good. But we not know what high fidelity still keep behind for the day the go to steam.

Also think the want december / end november to stea. Around 3 months dev time… Not so much.

Besides, high fidelity is never finished :wink: It always improves. :slight_smile:


It will be exciting to have 2000 people all come for about 15 mins each for a 4 day period


Right… and they get mercilessly butchered. Steam is a good place to get users but you only get one chance. Hifi is still hard to use for the average user and Steam is almost ALL average users.

Even early access can destroy you unless it’s an almost complete game.


Relating to a conversation I just had, it really depends what camp Hifi is in
If its a new thing like second life were in trouble
if its Unity with a twist then their is hope.

Users will have a bad time however it may be what developers want…


And that explaines more why project sansar is still hidden in thick clouds.