High Fidelity Raises $11M To Build Deployable Virtual Worlds


“High Fidelity, the San Francisco-based startup from Second Life founder Philip Rosedale, has raised another $11 million in funding in a round lead by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital. The funding was noted in a SEC filing that went through today and confirmed to TechCrunch by Rosedale.”


lend us a tenner o.o


Phil is the Pt Barnum of virtual worlds, makes it new and exciting all over again
its great that other people see it too, as this investment proves.


I am so very happy to be a part of this world and the amazing work Philip and everyone else is doing!

So many wonderful geeks, techs, 3d modelers and testers coming together to make a major dream come true. I have a great deal of faith in this place and grow more proud every day!


Does this mean I can have a pony?


Congratulations! I Look forward to seeing the results.


I think this means I’m officially happy to have switched from learning Ruby to JS :slight_smile:


Already, the bad press begins. I think people are just envious of Philip’s ability to raise cash.
New World Notes


The main HiFi website now has download links, but they just say coming soon.
Uh, I’m not sure what it means by getting a name. Does this mean HiFi no longer needs a login, unless you buy a name?
It’d be pretty cool if you can go into HiFi as a guest, because then other browsers could implement Interface code and allow you to go from the 2D web to the 3D net seamlessly.


Great to see Philip’s continuing success… and that of his awesome team and alpha members :slight_smile:


Well that calls for a hf party :smile:


  • Technically you can already explore HiFi as a guest. Log out of your Interface, hit Esc and you will still be able to visit places, you just cannot chat.
  • This is also one of the reasons everyone needs allowed editors setup on their domain.

The links on the front page asking for an email to be added to the list means basically one thing to me, something in the next step has to be coming and that is a pretty good sign they have the code in place and its just a switch flip to actually be ready to rock and roll for all.

I also do not see them charging for your avatar name just place names, but I could be mistaken


Correct: Our plan is to charge for placenames (like DNS), not avatar names. The article didn’t make that clear.


Congratulations to @philip and the High Fidelity team! The High Fidelity blog says “Our next big milestone will be an open alpha version of our system which will allow everyone to start deploying interconnected shared VR spaces.” Any ETA on that?