High Fidelity sets another record: 426 avatars in a single domain!


High FIdelity has set another avatar region capacity record this weekend:


That had been a great achievement. As I suspected we could not keep with the 40% increment rate we have seen in the first 3 months. 426 over 356 is only 20% increment.
However now we can consider the test bettering SecondLife since SL has a theoretical maximum of 400 people in 4 sims centered on one corner.

The only pity seems that many people did see a majority of white spheres. This in some ways makes this record not so brilliant as it could have been. Let’s hope for the next iteration :slight_smile:


I remember we used to have a mechanism that, during bandwidth issues, displayed a low-rez, static, 2D-billboard of an av when the whole av wasn’t loading. Now we just get white globes. oO

In any event, I do figure things will improve wrt seeing the actual avatars at these sort of events as we go along. Maybe we’ll even go back to some sort of thing where we’ll see a simplified, lower-bandwidth version of the av during high-traffic-event periods.

That said, even tho I was seeing a lot of white globes, I could hear the important parts. If this was, say, a rock concert, I could live with not seeing the bodily-appearances of the avs around me so long as the sound all made it through… which seems to be what’s happening.


This would be however a great failure of immersivity, which is exactly the point here, otherwise we could have just listened to a streamed or discord channel.


There is still a value to being “in” a room or space with a live event going on in it, even if you can’t properly see all the other participants fully. But I figure things will improve wrt rendering more and more of the other avs in the vista given time.


Well, that can be a probleme when this affects also the show.


I managed to bring in 15 people, but warned them that this is indeed a “stress test” - it won’t be an ideal environment and definitely won’t look like all the snapshots we get of perfectly formed avatars. After the whole thing was over, the 15 immediately wanted to know when the next test was, as just being in HF for the first time was a lot of fun for them. Also, after the stress test, we wandered off to other places, where they could experience fully rendered scenes and get a better idea of what HF is.

A stress test, in my opinion, isn’t the same thing as bringing someone in to experience High Fidelity at its finest. So, all being said. I think 426 is a great number and look forward to breaking the 500 barrier. :sunglasses::+1:

P.S. TO HF and @philiprosedale - on behalf of my guests and me, THANK YOU to everyone for taking the time on a weekend to do this. I’ve had more inquiries than ever about HF as word spreads. And I think that makes this test a huge success.