High fidelity soon to be remade as tv series


I’ve said it before, brand identity is everything, this ‘high fidelity’ will never reach mainstream without a distinctive and descriptive name and brand . Wondering why we just can’t seem to hit that critical mass? Look no further.



I do agree.
Search ‘high fidelity’ on google an you will see how many pages before seing it appears.
Rebranding would definitely help.
Even large companies do that to be better positioned in markets.
Also, no need to change everything, logo can be kept, the brand can stay close from the existing one to be still recognizable. Ideally only one word, with a unique syntax, starting by a H…



What about HyperSpace!? :grin: that is the name of my domain.

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So just to learn from VR history, anyone remember Blue Mars? A second life contender for a while back in 2009/2010? Again, an obvious brand duplication issue with Blue Mars massively popular novel by Robinson, see how much the name helped there?

Key is to have a short, descriptive name of what the product is with clear domain availability. Barring that just think up some random funny sounding letters or juxtaposition of objects, as long as the IP is clear and you can have a chance on being the authority for random searches coming in.

Take cloudparty.com … oops goes to yahoo right? this name and brand was in fact TOO good that Yahoo bought them up part and parcel just to hire the founders…(from what I understand)

anyway, point taken I hope … if someone is really stuck on the high fidelity brand, would suggest to look at what has worked even in much more recent history…



How about “Hive”. Think a collective community. The logo might incorporate hexagons linked together to symbolize domains linked together by a common thread.



Virtual reality game integrating new advances



I’m agree too. There are many parameters in a good brand name. And uniqueness. And significance. And brevity. And many others.

High Fidelity name is:

  1. Not unique;
  2. Not significant (Where is VR?);
  3. Not briefly (two long words!) and so on.

What about abbreviations like “AVReal” etc?



i like interface as a name, which its still called
why isnt mozilla called internet
whats a mozilla, whats a chrome

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Also, high-fidelity is a term often used in articles about VR or games which can sometimes be confusing or cause the need to go back and re-read sentences for context eg. “headset will support a number of high-fidelity games and experiences”



Best I got so far: slivr.com your small piece of the metaverse

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Vr mc Vr face?..

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perhaps hifiVR, hifi VR



‘Hifi-VR’ is already a better keyword to find High Fidelity than ‘High Fidelity’ it-self. :wink:

But about ‘VR’… is it there to stay? or if it is just the buzz word of a decade?
Is that durable?



Fair point. Hard to know what it will be called when the day comes that good hardware is so common that virtual meetings are more common than onsite visits.

As a casual observation, the abbreviation VR has stuck around long enough time it seems to have staying power. It is possible that VR continues to be the every day common use term for virtual presence including ar/vr/xr when talking about the general idea rather than the distinction of particular hardware technologies.