High Fidelity Statistics Website


Hey there, Konstantin here!
After noticing that there’s a backend API for High Fidelity, I wanted to create a similar website to Gridsurvey and voilà, here it is: https://hifi.cynx.eu/stats/ (URL may change in the future).
Yeah, it doesn’t look beautiful at the moment, but at least the colours match :wink: Design, API and further features will follow.
I think VR will pick up really soon and thus this will provide a useful tool to measure the success.
What I now need is some feedback; what statistics would you like to see, are we using the right charts?
If somebody is some kind of ‘great logo creator’, we still need one :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, you are awesome, I really appreciate your feedback!


Technical details:
Users are fetched every 10 minutes, domains every full hour.
For the graphs Google Charts is used.
Source code is available here(Not every part is uploaded yet).

Script counting how many people connected in HighFidelity
No users online

Would be cool if eventually you can have days and all in that instead by just hours. Will be interesting to see the Friday spikes :smiley:


Bizi this is fine work!


Very cool! Spending the time to start tracking the data (thank you) is one sign that we are getting things going!


Is the stat for domains online per domain name or unique domain?


I honestly don’t really know, I think it’s per unique domain.
Pinging @b for the real answer.