High fidelity still installing under adminstrator account when you install it under user account


Old problem still not fixt, High fidelity is installing itself as Administrator user.
But i install it under other account on my server. If you install high fidelity as user, you not expect to see it running in your administrator account when you log in !

Need to be fixt soon, to avoid unexpected behavior or other weird problems.
High fidelity did create a shortcut that get started.
Looks like high fidelity placing the shortcut in the wrong directory in windows.


Another side effect of this bug. just wanted to update high fidelity.
I did quite sandbox under the user it need to run. But uninstall refuse it to remove it.

Checked rthe running processes , nothing. checked other account and yes it’s dangerous running on that account to ! and i did not install it under that account !
This pretty old bug i hope get fixt soon ! it’s dangerous to.

This not muist happen in your admin account when you instal it under a different user account.

It get more porblematic, it did auto start under the admin account. but not start at all under the user account ! This the reversed world of what i did say.


Hi Richardus,

I tested many install scenarios here on my machine and the installer does the right thing.
There must be something special about your setup causing that.

What version of Windows are you on?
Can you send me details on you account setup (PM me if you don’t want to post it here)?
How you install Sandbox, from which account, etc.


Are you right clicking the installer and choosing “Run as Administrator” by any chance?


No, just double click the installer. then it ask for admin password before i really can proceed with the installer.

This happens with a double click on the installer on the desktop inside the ;local user account.


Quick update:
I managed to repro, and the fact that your current user does not have Administrator rights is the reason why that happens.
When you enter you password, you are effectively logging into your Administrator account making it the current user.

So it installs the sandbox as a global program in Program Files as expected, but the startup link goes into the current account’s startup folder: Administrator and not the user that launched the installer.

Gonna do some research to find a way to get around that.


Sorry I got side tracked by some urgent graphics bugs this afternoon.

But I found the cause and I know how to fix it.
Just need to get to it and deep dive into NSIS.
Hopefully I’ll have a PR for it tomorrow if I don’t get side tracked again.