High Fidelity unplayable with Pimax 5k+


im stuck at 9FPS. obvious CPU bottleneck here (i5 4670k 4x 3.8 ghz in boost)
i plan on upgrading my cpu someday, but will we receive some huge performance upgrades in the future?
this game seems too heavy for CPU in general. i mean every other game runs with 60-90 FPS
even skyrim vr heavily modded seems to have no issues whatsoever.


It’s not just you.

I was meaning to bring it up during the meeting, but I didn’t intend to spark a debate there.

My current concern with High Fidelity is that with a decent system, it doesn’t run very well, and this was an issue with a certain other earlier platform with similar capabilities. I was honestly considering upgrading my graphics card to an RTX2080 but my fears are that even with that upgraded GPU, that it will maybe only improve the frame-rate by a small margin.

Now, that being said, during the meeting, they did mention (and correct me if I got this wrong) that the assets are processed by the CPU so that they can be sent to the GPU, due to the dynamic nature of the system. As more assets are “baked”, this may go down. However, I haven’t exactly seen proof of this, though I can understand the reasoning.

So I guess a major question is this: can this be tested and demoed akin to how the KTX demo was done to show the improved loading times?


i run it on a 2080 and got 9 fps tops.
it doesnt matter what GPU u have for HiFi.
its all pure cpu bottleneck’d


What are your system and connection specs? I run HiFi on a computer with older nvidia GPU that I bought years ago, on a connection that has high down, but not so good up speed. I have not gotten that low fps for a long time. I am curious if maybe small RAM, older AMD or i5 cpu might be the problem. A bit more information might be helpful.


yeah as i said, the i5 is the bottleneck.
but every other game runs super fine on it. really. every single game.
hifi needs some serious performance patching. not everyone owns an i9 nowadays. ^^
i wish i could participate in the game, but atm with my pimax 5k thats near impossible.


Oops, sorry. You are right, I should have scrolled up. I didn’t see your original post when I typed that.

And yes, I think HiFi makes use of as many cores/threads as it can, but an i7 seems to work fine.


The problem is that shouldn’t be an issue. Yeah it’s an older CPU but not by enough to warrant major concern. Not to mention an i5 is on the tech specs.

Even with an i7, I still have occasional issues, especially if you compare to other VR titles. Considering I’ve been debating upgrading my GPU (980 Ti), seeing this is making me reconsider, since only High Fidelity seems to have this issue.


Could you email support@highfidelity.com with this information?
Ha just kidding :wink:


such a judas u are <3


I just wish the devs would join the conversation here regarding bugs rather than asking us to email them when they are having all these kinda conversations in slack but excluding us from those.
The open sourse closed discussion thing bugs me.


They will have their reasons for that.
As long as they lurk in my thread and take notice im all fine about it.
I really love High Fidelity and tell all my friends about it, every time i mention VR.
I wish we would have better trailers. The latest Oculus trailer is nice tho.
But there could be a better trailer i think. Anyways. I sadly have to ditch HiFi until i got a better CPU this year.
At the moment i can not afford one, since i just got the RTX 2080 Ventus OC right after i got scammed on
ebay for 438€ for a Aorus 1080ti which never got sent. Yes police got informed about it, but they already told
me that they can not do much about it. So guys, never buy expensive stuff on ebay. Ever.


DId you got the change to make a claim about that on ebay ? here you have 30 days i think. if payed with paypal i can still fall back on there for 180 days.

Depends what country you live how rules are.


i live in germany and getting scammed here is basicly your fault.
and i paid via bank transfer, which makes it even worse.