High fidelity vr with vive and 7 vive trackers


Hi guys,I have a vive headset and 7 vive trackers .

My question is, how can I use a vive tracker to track the head instead of the vive headset ? I mean I see that there is a setting in Highfidelity vr that allow to use a vive tracker in place of the vive headset .
How does that work?
I tried it , but I do not see that using the vive tracker for the head tracking, overrides the use of the vive headset. It seems They are both active at the same time and I was thinking that instead with the vibe tracker the vive headset would become inactive.

Also, do u have a picture of where you would put the 7vvive trackers on your body for the best body tracking in highfidelity he?

Thanks !