High Fidelity wiki - Javascript api link in usefull links


It would be very helpfull and less search if we canput a link in the sidebar left udner usefull links that point to the javascript api. And not how it’s now hidden in the center under create,

The javascript api is to important to hide in a pile of text.
If it cannot be done udner usefull links , mabye somewhere else in the sidebar.
I cannot add it in the sidebar.

This link just need to be easy to find in a flash.


While we’re at it. Since most of the content creators use Blender, why not have some Blender tutorials on PBR, etc. I know the new Blender will have PBR enabled, but for the time being, I think there are tuts out there from @Menithal and @Judas. Thanks.


Let me correct you, Blender already has PBR, through Cycles. This been in since it was implemented. Its a node based one which you cant export as is and hard to use for most, so the PBR update is just there to make it simpler and using a different method, switch the shaders in the Default Blender Engine instead of cycles.

The method for binding however is different and it doesn’t export it in the same format, because every version upto 2015 version FBX have not supported PBR materials to date, so a especial binding method is used instead

Back to topic:

Yeah the API has been there forever but its never been updated. SHould do more to update it, but I guess some of us need a bit more incensive for it.


I mean in first case the javascript api link that would be better under usefull links. I did add the word link in the topic header.

Still not a lover of cycles render. not understand it. there seems to be some dangerous catches. And, for now not see any use of it.