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We now have, for your viewing pleasure, an official High Fidelity wiki. This wiki is editable by High Fidelity users, and will serve as our documentation platform going forward. To edit, log in to your regular High Fidelity account. Then, go to the wiki login page and click the red button:

To start with, we’ve migrated our existing documentation over and have been updating it to reflect the current state of things on High Fidelity. If you’d like to help with this, now you can!

You may also use this wiki to document your own scripts and Marketplace offerings.

The basic rules of wiki etiquette apply:

  • Before starting a new article, please make sure one doesn’t already exist
  • Strive for a neutral point of view
  • Use the Discussion tab on articles to talk about edits
  • Spam, edit wars, personal attacks and other such nonsense will be nipped in the bud by staff. (We know YOU wouldn’t do any of these things. We’re just saying.)

For those unfamiliar with wiki markup, here is a cheat sheet to get you started. Please do get in touch with me if you have any wiki questions, either here or on my user talk page on the wiki.


Hmmmm… its not letting me use my hifi account name and password, it keeps saying “The supplied credentials could not be authenticated.” I’ve tried it with the dot in the middle, with an underscore in the middle, with a space in the middle, and with the first and last name simply run together. Is something borked?



aww but these things are the rock that virtual worlds were built on


Hmm, that’s not “working as intended.” Ops will be looking into this. I’ll let you know when I have more info.

Anyone else having similar issues? (I was able to log in fine, but my username is rather simple…)


@Jess wont let me log in either tried it with name and password and also email addy and password


Are you using the red button, or the blue button?


too easy not to.


The blue button = fail here
The red button works.

Most confusing login page i have seen i think.
Why two different account types ?


Yeah the red one works

we need a wiki post about how to log into the wiki but who oh who can do it


For now, I’ll add a TRY USING THE RED BUTTON line to my original announcement. :wink: And I’ve got a ticket in with Ops to figure out why the username/pass portion isn’t working.


Now that we have a wiki, it would probably be worth submitting a web-browser search pluggin to http://mycroftproject.com/search-engines.html for it at earliest convenience, the specificications for which are at http://www.opensearch.org/Home

I was poking around in there and it looks fairly straightforward, but I don’t know what the URL path to hifi’s favicon is and its probably better for this search pluggin XML to come from official HiFi channels anyway.


We’re aware of the favicon situation. :smiley: Suggestion about the Mycroft Project duly noted. Thanks!


The red pill works…


Not knowing to much about High Fidelity wiki is it just in English or can i read it in French/Arabic other languages.Das ist mir spanisch


Well, I don’t see any other languages linked along the lower left on the main page, which is where that sorta thing is listed at least at Wikipedia’s main page. But yeah, I imagine it’d be fairly easy to set up other HiFi wikis in other languages as time allows. Having the English language one in place is a big step forward, though, and the rest of them will be easier to make now that the first one is in place, at which point the links to the other language versions can be easily added. and translations to the other languages from the existing, English language articles can readily be made.


Nathan your right 100%. but now that it is up, it should be expanded out for good reason. many in non English speaking countries have felt left out or ignored or have felt the current platforms(SL & OS) are dominated by Anglo American.
while it might be social politics. when they reduce the language barrier it might be helpful as the community grows more people feel somehow they are represented or more on the needs they have have been met.

I really do not even agree with my own comment. it really is just how a growing number of users elsewhere have vented concerns that can effect users here at some point.


One of the solutions would be to add more languages to the wiki. The put the pages into translator. And after that someone from that language need to reead and correct translation errors.

This translation work sounds something the users need todo.

I think this langauge problem can be fixt. It only need to get a language selector first !


I agree Richardus that is the best solution :relaxed:


So far i like the wiki. works much better then the docs page. :slight_smile:

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