High Fidfelity Audio volume


Let’s talk about the audio volume again.
Me and many others, still have problems with it.

Default the voice volume is LOW, in desktop mode i need to move my mixer slider above what is normal. Yes i have a good SB X-FI sound card with normal level.

When you use desktop mode and HMD things get only worse. when in desktop it seems ok, but soft. In HMD i need to move the volume slider complete up. Problem is if you forget to turn it down before you start other game like space pirate trainer. your ears get blow off your head.

High Fidelity need thrfee things.

  1. Master volume slider, that also allow a higher output then what High fidelity now support.
  2. And a volume slider for sounds. because sounds are mostly to loud compared to voice.
  3. Third thing would be to have a voice volume slider.

So far i see this are the baisc needs people want.
Especially the master volume output need higher by default.