High GPU usage / low FPS in new update?


Hi crew!

I’ve been getting HF to run for the past few months, but lately I’m having some trouble with a low and unstable frame rate. It might be good for about ten seconds, but then for half a second the steam loading room appears, then a bunch of objects disappear and aren’t rendered. If I were to continue for ten minutes I’m sure I’d get simulator sickness.

Windows Task Manager said that the GPU usage is topping out at 100%, but CPU and memory are fine.

I looked for ways to turn down graphics quality, but reducing level-of-detail didn’t seem to be the fix.

It’s especially bad near the mirror in the start scene.

Any tips so that I get FPS back up?


Curious, what graphics card you have ?

I see more problems in other games to.
I think it’s mabye something with steam or latest nvidia drivers.


The laptop is Alienware and it has the GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card.

GeForce Experience said the current driver version was from December 2017 so that might be the problem; what’s interesting is that I didn’t have a problem until two weeks ago.