High School Football Coach


Recently got access to Oculus Rift at Skyline high schoolin Oakland. I am a paraeducator in special education department within the Computer Science track, football and basketball coach and artist. Looking to start building football stuff for kids. Trying to use VR to reduce violence and get kids interested in tech and building things themselves. Football is my narrow focus now but I’m looking to expand into everything else eventually. Would love any advice and guidance I could get.



Sounds Awesome! There’s a lot of people here that are more than happy to help. What type of guidance are you looking for?


@hevyw8 hello nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words.

How can I start? Where do I start? I wouldn’t even know what to ask.

I am a teacher assistant in special education because I Iearn slowly myself. Talking things out helps.


You will want to first download the application necessary to access High Fidelity. You can find it here:


The guides here are pretty good for getting started:


Feel free to ask questions as they come up. I or someone else will get to them when they can.


After getting Interface up and running, you could start experimenting with very basic physics. I played football for 12 years and would be very interested in your initial direction. You’ll want to start simple, by understanding the physics engine ((name of it is ‘bullet’)) start by going to “sandbox” and building a simple cube. Then stretch the cube to make it like a “stage” where you’ll perform you initial tests. You could even make your stage an astroturf green :D. After that, you’ll want to place it low so you can stand on it; next create another cube and give it collisions and -9.8 Y acceleration ((for gravity - Earth)) You can do this in the cubes edit properties.

Have FUN!


I have the ability to create NPC’s or “non-player characters” basically animated ‘computer’ dummies. I do this using MoCap.

Would you be interested in sponsoring me on Patreon and I’d be happy to assist your needs?
cc: @Superchiefjeronimo_2


I would love to. But I also really want to learn. I looked at your patreon and don’t even know where to start.


Thanks! Could us your help.

Stuck on this screen cant get to Playa.


So… if I was to provide something like a streaming service of me performing content creation, would you be on-board with that? Pun fully intended. :stuck_out_tongue: