HighFidelity-Beta-4820.exe get blocked on my system


It worked for a long time fine, but this version get blocked. the usall rotating mouse pointer on windows 10. This is pretty sure avast that is blocking it.

Or it’s something else. still digging.

Yes it’s avast. did short put the flder in exclude list to start it. Also windows still yelling. Mabye the file is very new.


The Beta installer isn’t signed, which probably doesn’t help. I notified the relevant HiFi people.


@Richardus.Raymaker it might be caught in your anti-virus. If you check the permissions you might be able to fix it.


I run the latest, by just short exclde the directory where interface installer where placed. after that i removed the exclusion again.


New Beta 4821 download has signed installer.


this is one of those things I mentioned happened to me beta testing.
Thinking the reply would be oh yes we can fix that, rather than don’t worry its not actually a virus, grins


Yup, 4821 is installing without a hang.


et tu brute lol @Judas