HighFidelity MarketPlace


I think we need a special; marketplace entity, that allow you to buy / display marketplace item. Also think this Specialy marketplace entity can only be placed manual inworld, this makes it think abuse it a bit harder. Other thing would be top use the marketplace website only for searching with a link to the inworld shop. maby the item only appears in the marketplace site after you have placed marketplace entity in the inworld shop and configured that.

Really would be so much better if people can shop inworld again, that made the virtual world much more immersive and i can say, im missing that.

Just some thing that where in my mind.


Far as I recall, Avination went with an approach like that, or at least were talking about it: They described a Marketplace website that was searchable like the one for SL, but instead of you buying the item from the website, it would feed you a SLURL that plopped you down right in front of the vender in world at Avination. I haven’t paid it any attention in ages so I have no idea how or even if it went forward, but it was a neat idea.