"Hiring" subforum?


I was wearing my custom bird avatar in Welcome and someone was so impressed, they offered to pay me to rig their OpenSim avatar for HiFi.

It got me thinking that Hi-Fi would benefit from a “For Hire” or “Wanted” subforum, where people can request or offer modeling/rigging/building services for some reasonable compensation (or for free, if someone’s feeling generous). It would help people transition over from SL/OS and other platforms where they already have an avatar they don’t want to lose.

Maybe it’s too soon in HiFi’s life for a forum like that, since even the Marketplace doesn’t actually allow selling yet. But it’s a suggestion to keep in mind as HiFi matures. It’s a win-win for creators as well as HiFi, because it’ll lead to the creation of more HiFi-optimized content, which in turn could bring in more users in general. And at the same time, broke creators like me get to save up for a VR headset by giving other HiFi users content that they really want. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A section like the one you describe is definitely in the plan. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Worklist should support this.


This now exists. Note that Worklist is still “where it’s at” for paid work helping to build the High Fidelity platform itself.