HMD Owner's DAY 1 Expectations


Ok, so now that the Vive is out in the wild we have April to look forward to using our new kits within High Fidelity. This won’t be a name and shame of the have’s and the have-not’s this is a call to question the dev team here at High Fidelity.

We have seen the engineering sample of the Vive (Pre) used within meetups both formal and community driven.

We have NOT seen the CV1 used by staff in meetups.

There is a big elephant in the room that I have yet to point out; so let’s get it out there because I’m starting to look at my HMD pre-purchase as a High Fidelity paper-weight or rather: “the wrong one”. We in the community know that Rift support is promised, and it works with 0.8 of the SDK. So…

Does High Fidelity HAVE a CV1? Will the CV1 1.0 Runtimes be functional on High Fidelity when it ships at the end of March? (28th)

cc: @chris, @Jherico


It’s pretty public knowledge that the CV1 and the corresponding pre-release software for it is under a much tighter NDA than anything Valve has put out. So if we had access to any of that, we’d be unable to talk about it and probably not able to use or talk about it in public meetings.

That said, I feel confident that we will have a functional application in CV1 concurrent with (or at worst, within days of) the release of the hardware.


0.8 Runtime is the architecturally the same as the 1.0 Runtime atleast according to what I’ve heard down the grapevine (could be false). The problems arise when updating from 0.6 Runtime, which Frontier Development has issues with

What the question comes for is actually the Touch Controls which will be related later compared to the HMD.


@AlphaVersionD, We also pre-ordered as many CV1’s that we could to get everyone in the office a CV1 when they came out.


I should also point out that as Chris and I are original Kickstarter backers, we should get our CV1s in the first batch, so no need to worry about any delay on being able to test.