HMD steering changed in 4790?


I notice that steering in 4790 with the HMD is more difficuklt then in the previous version. With 4790 you need to rotate.move your head much more to get some steer action.

I think i do not like that. But am also not sure if something is changed ?


Can you give us a little more detail? Are you trying to steer with the hand controller? Can you clarify what you’re doing? Thanks.


I could and you still can steer with your head. when you turn into one direction you walk to there. That still works pretty good in fly mode. But in walk mode you need to turn almost 90 degree before you change course.

And the idea that you could walk forward and then choice direction by looking at it did feel nice. because you can steer smooth. But mabye it’s having a sick making side effect to ?


I am pretty sure we didn’t change anything about how head steering would work in 4790.

I will ask the developers if I missed something in the release notes.


I broke the “steer with head while walking in the HMD” behavior when I fixed the “thrust does not lift avatar when walking” bug. I submitted PR-8021 with a theoretical fix – I don’t have an HMD to test with at home but I expect the new code to do the Right Thing.