Hmmmm... can't see the chat.js window even tho it shows as running


Right now, for me the text-chat window isn’t showing, even tho chat.js is listed in the Running Scripts pane. I clicked what I’m interpreting as the Refresh button (arrow formed into a circle) on the line where that script is listed, and it made no difference,

I vaguely remember something about how some call related to letingt one place an in-interface window outside the main window got dropped from the API, so I’m wondering if that is what the problem is, since, having resized the main Interface window down to smaller than my monitor space in order to be able to still see some of the other windows I have open behind the Interface window, I always then placed the text chat window off past the right side of the main Interface window so it didn’t block my view of anything in world in the main window.

If the chat window is now pulled back “inside” the main Interface window, but is now effectively pushed off the visible portion of the Interface window, the way some HUDs on SL sometimes are, how do I get it back to where I can see it again? If they really HAVE removed altogether the ability to push interface windows outside the Interface main pane, that is a problem because it means we now have to clutter the Interface window itself with stuff that now blocks your view of what’s behind it, rather than being able to conveniiently move them off to, say, one’s second monitor. If that is the case, I really DO hope they bring that feature back as fast as possible, or that they swiftly replace it with something that does the same thing only better.


I’ve just updated my local chat script - chat.js - to work with the latest Interface. (You may need to reload scripts.) The chat window is now displayed inside Interface’s window in both desktop and HMD display modes.



Hmmmmm… I just removed it, and re-imported it from the link on your page. Still seeing no chat window. oO


@Nathan.Adored Hi. It’s possible that you may need to delete a line from your Interface.ini … the line in the [General] section starting …


Well, still not seeing the chat window, and I also don’t see anything resembling Chat%20Window%20Position%20Desktop under [General] inside interface.ini


@Nathan.Adored It’s possible that the chat window is positioned outside the window bounds. Try toggling its visibility off and back on with the menu item, View > Local Chat. After doing this it, at least part of its address bar should be visible so that you can drag it to a better position.


If @ctrlaltdavid trick does not work. try to stop the script and run it again. that did it for me.


Well, I have the localchat window back, without me having done anything. I was at the center of my Interface window. I’ve moved it and resized it down. TY for all your help.