Hollow sphere and normals - My PEBCAK, sry :-)


I have a large hollow sphere, ie: one with inside and outside surfaces, defined by separate sets of vertices, (not double-sided faces). No-matter which way I point the normals in Blender, the texture on the sphere’s inside surface when rendered in HiFi is always rendered on the outside of the inside surface - that is, it can only be seen from within the wall of the hollow sphere - which is about 8m thick. The outside wall of the sphere renders fine.


I am unable to repeat this issue. Can you post the blend file so I could have a look?

I made a quick hallow sphere (with two materials) in blender, and it imported, rendered correctly (You may test it from http://www.norteclabs.com/HF/testObj.fbx )

If the object has no materials it will behave oddly however…


Thanks for checking that. I went back into Blender and found the option to turn on a visual indication of normal direction and discovered that when I thought I was flipping them, I wasn’t. Not entirely sure what I was doing wrong, but it is working now.