Horizontal and Vertical space load


Hi, in old SL we used to avoid making high buildings and many floors on top of each other, because we had to limit the number of prims and avatars on the same piece of land or parcel. We would build every space with that in mind and try to distribute people as much as possible over an island, so to keep the performance high.
I am wondering and hoping it’s not the same in HF and that you can use vertical space more efficiently, having multiple floors buildings, with many avatar on top of each other on the same square of land, corresponding to the base of the building. Is it so?
How should be map our horizontal and vertical spaces and buildings, to avoid performance issues?
Theoretically with HF architecture in mind, I should think that I can call enough processing power on one single plot of land, no matter how developed or crowded it is vertically…


I too have the same question and one simular which might address performance. Could we have a building with floors and rooms. We have a room which goes to the room domain, yet it is limited in size to the space allocated inside the building on our domain? Maybe even allow the windows of the room domain to see into the building domain?


I have gotten an idea on this…
One thing is the space as in virtual floor space for avatars to walk on for example. Another thing is the processing power to render what is in a given space. So theoretically you could allocate 1000 servers, all serving the processing power for one single room, hence being able to scale and host hundreds or thousands or avatars. But you would not able to physically fit all the avatars in there, because the space of the room is not large enough.
After I posted the first post in this thread, I gave the answer myself more or less…
You can allocate one or more servers just for one floor, or even one single element in one room, and each time a user connects, you can scale the processing power, getting some of it from the new user’s device processing power.
I have the problem of floor space especially when I design 3D e-commerce environments. The floor space is not enough to host the same amounts of product displayed on a website or the same amount of people at the same visiting the store. You can make mirror copies of your store, but in order to have the exact same avatars together in the same space, you will face floor size issues like in real life.

hope this helps


I’m pretty sure I remember a comment in one of the public-facing pages talking about how HyFy was going to work that said something about being able to have one ROOM inside a skyscraper that was on its own dedicated server, but that was perceived by the people in world as being part of that skyscraper. Something @VR_Architect said, about if the windows of that room see out into the surrounding building, brought to mind something I’ve for a long time been hoping we’ll see happen as a basic function of how HyFy works:

I want to have a portable doorway that can be rezzed anywhere, or that can move as part of a vehicle, to anyplace in HyFy but that lets you peer through it into a room on my own server, and step right through into that room and back. An obvious application for this would be in making a TARDIS exterior (you know, such as The Doctor’s police box) that can be “landed” anywhere from my TARDIS interior (the room with that 6-sided control panel thingy), provided there’s a dedicated landing spot there, or provided I’ve “summoned” the exterior from a HUD I’m wearing such that it rezzes fully formed a couple meters in front of my avatar. Basically recreate the similar thing that exists on SL, only now we can actually WALK INTO the TARDIS as if it was just an ordinary doorway and arrive at the console room on another domain… rather than having to “fake it” with a static picture on a prim at the back wall of the police box that functions as a teleporter. They already have that sort of “magic doorway” feature in Minecraft, and I know one of the virtual world system that came along well before SL had something exactly like that, too. I want it in HyFy! :smiley: :smiley:


The Metaverse stargate!

You could also have a TP with a prim showing the video view of a camera in another place and you can just walk into the prim and find yourself in that place. If it were SL I would make a cam, have the video streamed up to a server and then stream it back onto my prim on the stargate.