[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.76.1


We are about to roll out a hotfix, however, there are no protocol changes. Here are the details:


  • Improve startup times by pre-compiling shaders with the splash screen. View on Github

Oculus Specific

  • Adhere to default settings in Oculus App when High Fidelity is launched from there or the Oculus App is open. View on GitHub
  • Fixed an issue where resetting the HMD view from the Oculus Universal Menu would not restart the High Fidelity app properly. View on GitHub

Note: We are not publishing the v0.76.1 Android apk as none of the changes noted above are included in the build.


I’ve just get an update from Oculus including an headset firmware update.
High Fidelity don’t toggle to HMD an all (from the menu or from the toolbar)
Updating to 76.1 didn’t solve the issue. Am I alone having this issue?


Also cant use hifi in the rift since the firmware update
nvm several restarts and updates and more firmware updates and restarts and its working again


Just saw the 2nd firmware update… working now.
They could have provided more info about it.


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