[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.78.1


We are about to roll out a hotfix. It will deployed Tuesday, February 5, at 10am PST. This should be live between 12-2pm PST.

What’s changed

We’ve removed our current first-time user flow and are now dropping users into our Welcome area.

What this means to you: As a new user, when you first launch High Fidelity, you’ll start your journey in our welcome area where you will be able to choose an avatar, discover how to use your controls, and talk with one of our Greeters.



  • Fixed an issue where the audio-mixer was applying distance attenuation to stereo injectors, but the local renderer does not. Now, stereo sounds with locations are attenuated, while system sounds and stereo sounds without a location are not. Mono sounds are unaffected.
  • Fixed an issue where creating an audio zone with extreme falloff (setting=1.0) would cause loud howling sounds when heard from a very large distance.


  • Fixed a race-condition where server and client entity scripts would sometimes not restart or just stall on a server restart.
  • When creating backups of domain-servers, any corrupted or incomplete backups were not showing up as such until the next server restart. Now, you should see the status of backups immediately.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows 10 users wouldn’t be able to install HighFidelity Client due to a dependency on vcomp140.dll
  • Fixed an issue where opening a Secure QML window in headset mode wouldn’t render the page correctly.


  • Fixed intermittent build failures using Gradle build containers.
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This… is a terrible idea. So you are having people spawn near the mirror, one of the laggiest things in Hifi? Not to mention, you still haven’t done any form of optimizations for the avatars in that area, so the user now has to download the avatars and the environment all in one go. On top of that, you still haven’t solved the issue of avatars spawning on top of each other, and now it’s going to be in a tiny room.

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Any ETA on the very prominent issue of wearables being broken? That’s right up there with critical issues short of crashing because it’s essentially bringing down the whole avatar system as a result.

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Hey there – we have several fixes come in the 79 release tomorrow that fix the known cases of wearables not working. If there are still issues following 79, it would be great if you could send additional info to support@highfidelity.com so we can reproduce it.

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