[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.79.1


Now scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, between 4:00 - 7:00 pm PDT. This time is subject to testing, and we will update if it changes.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version.
You must update to this version to stay up-to-date!

79.1 Hotfix

This release is specifically geared toward making the upcoming Multi-Con event a great experience.
As noted above, this release does contain a server-client protocol change as we’ve been working on server health.

  • We’ve added the ability for content creators to create a zone dedicated to avatars that designates special bandwidth to them.
    • When creating a zone, there is a new option to designate the “Avatar Priority” property to a Hero.
    • Selecting the priority as a Hero will dedicate more bandwidth to any avatars within the zone when allocating the avatar mixer bandwidth budget. This will increase its animation priority.
    • As a Domain Admin, you can change the size of the box-shaped Hero zone in real time.
    • This can be parented to an avatar so the zone follows the Hero around.
    • This results in a Hero (or Heroes), aka Presenter, Speaker, Superhero, to look normal and move smoothly from the crowd’s perspective.
    • We’ll update our documentation soon with a full tutorial!
  • We’ve also addressed a variety of crashes, listed below.

Other Improvements

  • Reduced some traffic against our api servers for better traffic health.
  • Worked on general AC domain health in high traffic situations.
  • Addressed an issue where an occasional stall was found in the PrePhysics context every few seconds.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash issue that could occur due to a null pointer in a raypick.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting “View Inventory” after adding an avatar for the first time.
  • Fixed a deadlock issue in the Audio Mixer that would occur when nodes stopped responding.
  • Fixed a deadlock issue that could occur when new avatars entered a domain.

Any fix for my domain server problem?:


Regarding these roles… uh, what? One minute you are saying ‘to a hero’ then saying ‘as a hero.’ Do you just mean ‘higher priority mode’? Is this relational (zone A with avatar priority can direct more to zone B, but not to zone C out 100km away which isn’t needed)?


We will be adding more clear documentation for this in our documentation soon. But in the meantime, let me take a moment to explain the basics here.

Zone entities, will now have a property on them that allows you to indicate that the zone should be treated as a “hero” zone, a “crowd” zone, or inherit from the parent zone. The inheritance behavior is intended to work like other zone properties like lighting, skybox, etc.

The system will determine if an avatar is “inside of a hero zone” and will automatically prioritize those avatars that in a hero zone over other avatars that are not in hero zones.

Prioritization takes two forms:

  • First, the avatar mixer will first allocate bandwidth to the heroes before allocating bandwidth to the remaining “crowd” avatars. The sorting of heroes relative to each other will us the normal prioritization algorithm.
  • Second, the client will allocate a portion if its local “simulation” budget to heroes first, and then use the remaining budget for the crowd.

This hotfix was geared toward network stability for supporting Multi-Con, but we are aware of your issue (thanks for the screenshot!) and our team is investigating it.

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