[Hotfix] Beta Release v0.82.1


Hotfix 82.1 was released last night, and full notes are available in High Fidelity’s docs here.

Note: There is a protocol change in this version. All Clients and Servers need to update to this latest release.


Highfidelity have with this build 82 become destroyer of worlds

DrFrannys domain which she poured her heart and soul into has been utterly wrecked with this update as has Kevins

They are both gutted. Market place approved items have exploded

What are the testers doing here?

Why haven’t we had a statement on this sham?

Hifi has done more damage than any of the griefers

What is being done to repair things?

The victims of this need their stuff fixing

They need help to fix it

I get that hifi wont host domain yadda yadda

But can it not wreck the work of those that do



image Yeah, happy fifth birthday to me


And still going strong! Docsalon was a new and interesting experience!


I have noticed issues with the avatar locomotion in 82.1, where avatars scaled smaller than 1x move quickly/erratically and skip the walk animation and go directly the the run animation state. The opposite is true of avatars scaled larger than 1x - they move extremely slowly, like walking through molasses. When the avatars are smaller I have also seen some random T-poses blip after each run animation cycle.

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@DrFran @KevinMThomas We want to help troubleshoot this! Could you please write in to support@highfidelity.com? It would be great to look at logs and any content archives you’re okay with providing.

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This broke my Microwave Malfunction place (Borrowers tiny build). Like @ultranique posted: when small, you move REALLY fast. It is very hard to navigate now.

Also, one of these updates lately has made it so that if you crash or log out while small, when you log back on, your size changes (gets bigger), so even though you never left the domain, you are too big to go through doors etc.


I can’t even teleport with Oculus Touch now, (I get the beam but it won’t complete) or fly. Just glide along in VR at high speed, puke-inducingly. Whatever size I try. And yeah, it wrecked about 10% of my sandbox


what? no put it on canny?


You use the right controller forward to activate beam then when you have aimed you push left controller stick forward. Previous beam button on right controller is now jump and hold to fly.


I rolled back and I am rebuilding with .fbx. .gtlf was a dream,but ALL of those broke, and can’t seem to be fixed.
My backup files seem to be corrupted (I had people trying to help me), so I will just start over. Things won’t be as pretty, but they will be there.
Yes, it’s beta, but I can’t devote a ton of time to this, and then have things explode. I was proud of the Salon.


@DrFran I’m sorry this happened. :frowning: If you’d email support@highfidelity.com with any logs or content archives, we’ll have our team investigate.

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Hi @emilythethird I just emailed per your request thank you for looking into it.

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After playing around with things for a while, the problem is that .gltf is broken.
Some had thought that it was the scale and rotation on my blender models, so I fixed that and tried to bring in some models. In every case, they came in transparent.
These are new models, with new names and new texturing in Substance Painter. NONE of them worked.
I have since brought in textured .fbx models with no problem at all (except that they aren’t as pretty, because my workflow for this is not as good).
So, something’s messed with the .gltf system.
I have retained all the models on my s3, in case it gets fixed, but until then, here’s the ugly Salon.

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I’ve just tried this out in VR with the new Controls and it’s terrible can’t believe how bad this Turning is now and it’s so sluggish and you walk too fast by default you just took one step back in my opinion no point of being in VR It feels like you haven’t tested this out at all you’ve basically broken something what was okay just needed more options All

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High Fidelity, let’s talk.

I’ve been a strong supporter over the past 4 years since I published how to compile the software on unintended systems (Raspberry Pi). After all the recent stuff, I took a month long break to refresh my mind, and came back to this.

Congratulations, you messed up. Hard.

The new teleport system is a nightmare and whoever designed it should be ashamed. What you had before was simple, elegant, and worked like every other platform under the currently known Sun. Now it’s a nightmare to use and god forbid that the user only has one working controller. No other platform requires this validation thing and it’s more confusing than it needs to be. It’s no wonder people aren’t coming here.

On top of that, I only really returned and am typing this message because an artist, who had interest of uploading their work here questioned about a teleport sound. After my tests, I couldn’t find any, but it gave me the unfortunate liberty of trying out the new teleport system and honestly, it feels that no one on the team has tried other systems before and remember that teleport is supposed to be the most simple form of movement.

As a common quote I’ve heard since my time off, “High Fidelity is boring and not optimized,” and now it can include “and has confusing controls.” As you now want to venture into enterprise partnerships, this will not pass. You need to have a serious sit down with people and find out what the most ideal movement scheme should be, because if this is a case of where you want people to use your system, you have to assume that the users need your software.

High Fidelity needs users.
Not users need High Fidelity.


I disagree with you flame about the teleportation system. Having just started using a VR headset the new teleportation system is more useful then it was before, Both allowing me to see where my sensors and my location are in my play area. It also has also cut down on accidental teleportation when I was learning the controllers. It is no less intuitive and practical then any other system out there I have come across. You use the left stick to move forward no matter what you are doing, teleport or walking forward. Only downside I see is that they should have retired the name teleport and gone with quick dash or some such to remove the confusion of what it really is.

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No other platform does this, and for a good reason: it’s very confusing and slower than it needs to be. I can count how many times I’ve accidentally teleported in VR with my hands, but not the countless times I was trying to figure out how you used the new teleport method in High Fidelity.

If anything, this is more of a ‘secure teleport’ where the teleport is reconfirmed by another button press… but under what condition would this be true?

On top of that, making the dominate menu button jump… really guys? I guess consistent control schemes wasn’t on the menu for that day either.

This is a terrible design change and good luck with the number of people coming in wondering why they can’t move when, and I apparently have to repeat myself, EVERY OTHER PLATFORM DOES NOT DO THIS!


i dont wanna be every other platform
i wanna inovate not imitate
did you ever try secondlife i think you woudl fit right in


Okay, I guess you enjoy having southpaw controls on everything.

There’s a reason why most PCs have one power button, why most most operating system GUIs have Minimize, Maximize/Resize, and Closed in that order on the upper right hand side, and why in Ctrl+Alt+Del we trust: because this is expected and familiar with most users. In gaming, the left analog stick is typically a form of movement as much as a mouse is used for looking around within a 3D environment. Unless the program has a good reason, this is the expected norm and allows new users to come in without needing to relearn everything.

Let’s take a game and make it so the right analog stick is movement and looking around is done with JIKL. While this may appeal to left handed users, it loses value quickly because these controls aren’t initially obvious. Sure, a user can easily learn and adapt, but right away a message is sent that this is different and is against your expectations.

VR is special in that it is new and fresh, and while one could say the control scheme for basic movement could still be explored… that would only make sense 2 or 3 years ago. We are now on 1.5 generation headsets and the cost of entry being much lower. When I jump into Rec Room, I don’t feel I have to relearn much because it uses the same controls from Pavlov, who in turn uses the same controls as VRChat, who uses the same controls as even Slime Rancher’s demo (who introduced another scheme that honestly took me by surprise). Because they all share a common language in movement, going from one to another is as simple as renting a car and driving away because a car is a car, and how one car may handle differently from another, the way the operate is very much the same.

This is why I can’t agree with High Fidelity’s movement system changes. While the left pad/stick has been more or less left untouched, the right side has been beaten and dismantled to something unrecognizable and foreign, and users who just came out of something else, looking for something new and fresh, will find High Fidelity just the same: foreign and unrecognizable.

This isn’t to say options aren’t a good thing. Take a look around any Croteam VR game and you can find a way to enjoy it with an almost perfect control scheme at the ready. Try out Slime Rancher’s free DLC for their VR experience, and you may find that turning the whole controller into the movement is unusually interesting. And as mentioned before, being able to confirm a teleport may be helpful… but as always, they should be options for those who want them.

Enforcing people to something different right off the bat is going to make people go away and lose interest quickly. Why relearn everything when another platform would gladly cradle them in with something they recognize? Why start off southpaw, when most games, most systems, don’t?

EDIT: Also, there wasn’t really anything wrong with the old control scheme and the primary goal of 82, which was analog support, wouldn’t have harmed anything. And before an employee or anyone else tries to make the argument that you can program your own control scheme, that is the same argument that I can program my microwave to have a mystical 6.5 second timer button for the perfect amount of time it takes to make the butter just soft enough to spread.