How about a category for Documentation Requests?


This would help to focus the efforts.


Hi @VR_Architect you can go to also in you could make suggestions under the hifi-docs section


Thanks @chris , I was thinking really a place where a document writer could ask questions from the developers. This may help us to write docs faster.



I trust this note finds all readers well!

I have a very very basic request for documentation.

I just arrived a couple of hours ago, and I have not figured out how to even move–only to spin around my avatar’s head and tilt it up and down. If I see something in the distance, I can’t move to it. I also cannot delete anything I “create” (a cube), I don’t know where to find things I downloaded from the market or where they go to once I sign out–they are not in my space when I return, etc.

I registered a place and connected it to a domain id, but I would like to read somewhere about how to get it online.

I tried months ago to create the build using the documentation on GitHub, but it was beyond my abilities. Having a ready-interface to use is a very nice development :wink: Thank you!

I used to spend quite a bit of time in SL on a PC, so perhaps some of my troubles rest with not knowing how to apply Mac key-commands.

Nonetheless, a bit of documentation on basic navigation as well as a 30,000 foot overview piece written in not-exquisitely-technical terms on how the world works, would help me. I do not yet have any of the capture hardware for motion or faces yet, but will. At the moment, I am really just a bodiless avatar tapping on a keyboard! :smile:

I know this is Alpha and a certain amount of pre-knowledge is expected, but I would like the chance to start figuring things out once I get past these pre-basic stages! If I need these things, perhaps others will, as well?

Thank you and best wishes!


I actually have a thread I posted just days ago asking for anyone to gives me suggestions or thoughts on the documents as I am one of the few document admins along with @Adrian @whatSocks and of course @G

Here is the thread where you can post any document requests or ideas as we want to hear the input from others!

Also @Sterling_Wright, I do not have time right now to do a full read over of what you needed but I will say that the main part I saw about needing to know how to hook up your domain to your place name, its under

Hope that helps some!


@Sterling_Wright as a new user you know what the experience is like for someone brand new like yourself. So how about you writing the documentation yourself as you go through? It woudl be useful for all the other new users too.

Also, as you said, this is Alpha - things will change so any documentation written now, may be irrelevant in 2 weeks.

I hope this helps.


Hello @DebsRegent and @Coal. Thank you for your replies.

Yes, Debs, I immediately considered (and still am) writing the documentation myself, but thought that there might already be people actively engaged in doing so. Certainly I would enjoy documenting through text and video my learning curve. I still wish someone would just tell me HOW TO MOVE TOWARD SOMETHING. I’ve tried arrow keys and every combination of shift-control-option-command-click that I can think of.

Coal, thanks. Yes, I found the documentation on registering and using place names and have already created a place. But conceptually I am missing the next step of actually getting it “online.” I think I understand that it is not like you can just open a plot of land on someone else’s server (as with SL), but rather that you have to host it on your own server and open portals that allow other people to get in. Is this correct? I don’t know how to do that.


That is 100% correct, you need somewhere to actually host the server. You can use the stack manager from to host one on your own comp OR setup a server somewhere like or (I am currently writing a document on how to use your free year on amazon hosting).

If you need help setting up a server, I help folks use CentOS 7 x64 since I wrote a script to automate it so if you put that on a virtual private server so I can help you.


Thank you @Coal! You are very helpful and I appreciate it. I will try to contribute video tutorials to the repository at the earliest viable moment. By the way, my arrow keys seem to work today; last night I could not move around at all. Not sure what that was about, but the first hurdle is cleared!

Let me ask this, if I own domains hosted on commercial servers, like Godaddy or the like, can I host my world on that? Your coming document on using Amazon cloud is a really great addition, thanks!


I guess you haven’t check out Docs yet?
This is a good place to start.


By the way, Debs. Please just give us noobs a little time to get oriented to the platform, and then I am sure we will all be eager to finds ways to contribute; it is why we are here!

And, yes, I have checked out the docs.



Hmmm… I have tried to be helpful @Sterling_Wright I don’t think that response was called for. There is documentation which I have given you a link to. You have also been helped hugely by Coal.

You need to appreciate that as Alphas, none of us had the help you are now getting. Thanks is usually appropriate.


I am terribly sorry, Debs. I am not sure how that read, but I certainly did not mean any offense. Best wishes and thank you!


It helped me to show the statistics information on the hud. The up arrow moves forward but can seem very slow with the star background. However you can see the movement in the statistics.

BTW @Coal 's Centos7 scripts are awesome and very painless to use.