How about creating a category for (future) applications and business ideas?


How about creating a category for (future) applications and business ideas? It would be good to start a preliminary brainstorm. For example I am most interested in online education and online talks and conferences, and I can see awesome future applications.


I think it should be more general for all ideas, the developer team could get ideas from it too.

Something like “ideas” or “brainstorming” would be nice.


This idea hasn’t gained any traction, it seems. Maybe a category is overkill, but I’d like to see some way to share and discuss application concepts. Some may feel protective of their specific ideas, but I think high-level exploration of ideas could be cross-stimulating and perhaps affect HiFi development decisions.


I second that. There was one other idea that I saw in the welcome thread about using HiFi to support space exploration that I would like to keep an eye on for interest’s sake.

Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a way to tag forum threads or posts. Typing #tag doesn’t do anything LOL

And wow for uncovering and dusting off a post from a year back @Simulacron3 :grinning:


Might the Wiki for the People be a place for this?


Ha! You beat me to it @SterlingWright :wink: I was just about to come back and post an afterthought on whether the Unofficial Wiki could fulfil this role.

The wiki is probably not as dynamic a place for discussion as a thread on this forum would be, but a listing of potential ideas would still be good. Have created an entry and placeholder page name ‘Potential Projects List’ on the Wiki Worklist page.

Each item in the Potential Projects List can have its own wiki page to be updated by the creator/originator/developer and interested community.

Maybe we don’t need a category but new project threads can be identified by a certain prefix? Like [Application Idea] Thread title? That can then be linked to in the project’s wiki page?

So this way, discussions can be held here in the forum, but information collated on the wiki for convenience?


Is it possible to embed a discussion forum into a wiki?


I’m leaning to having a category for it. If there is enough interest, we could petition for a category.

The problem with putting it all in a forum topic is search and discovery, no index or linking.

Using the Wiki might have drawbacks, like lack of convenient discussion and no tight integration with the forum. We could give it a try. It’s a Wiki, after all, so nothing is carved in stone.


I think this is a great idea. Was the category for brainstorming/ideas ever created?


No, I don’t think so :frowning: