How big is a world in High Fidelity


I have a quick question of how big is a world in High Fidelity, and perhaps how big can it actually be.

And how many people can be in a world without lag?



A world is 32768x32768x32768 meters in size. But not sure if there are rounding errrors around the outer edges.

Lag, i think that means something complete different. SO this one around people and lag i keep open. also in a while you can share resources betweend fferent servers and so get more power on a domain to handle more avatars.

On good domains like empty and playa we get easy 23 avatars. But my framerate drops faster in my vive then that i can scream there’s lag.


[quote=“Viet, post:1, topic:12009”]
I have a quick question of how big is a world in High Fidelity, and perhaps how big can it actually be.[/quote]
A high fidelity domain is a 32KM cube. Domains are isolated; that is, there is no notion of a domain abutting another domain that you simply cross into. You can teleport between domains manually or entities (objects) can have script that teleport you depending on whether you touch them or bump into them.

Like other worlds, it depends on how complex the models are or how filled out the domain is. It depends mightily on your network connection. If you are on a slow connection, you will experience lag far before someone with a fast net connection will.

Rule of thumb: each avatar burns about 2Mb of bandwidth. Most of this is voice coms. This will get better/lower in the future when a number of things get optimized.

Another rule of thumb. A world hosted in your own personal computer, lightly loaded, on a typical 50/10Mb Comcast net connection will host 5 avatars. A world hosted on a decent hosting provider can achieve 25 avatars. But again, 25 avatars would generate 50Mb of traffic, so that would begin to saturate your home net connection’s download max.

More details here:


I have my private world running in an 8km radius sphere (16km across the circular map), though beyond 4km from the center, I am not planning on having anything but low-poly terrain to be viewed from a relative distance. Still experimenting with object placement out at the 4km mark, but no serious issues noticed so far.

My world is intended to be a bunch of high-poly ‘areas of interest’ spread out over a low-poly general terrain.

I am not intending to support more than a dozen simultaneous avatars, so haven’t really worried about that aspect.