How can i change username on this forum to short one?


From the begin this forum could not handle the full name length.
For soem reason in preferences i have changed the other option “name” in short version. but still it use the normal username in front of every posting. and that looks ugly because its capped.

So how can i change it so its showing only the firstname ?


try this


Thats where i have looked and changed it already, weeks ago. In the “name” field i put a name. but the forum is ignoring it and still showing \Richardus​_​​Rayma. There’s no option to change the username. Not see any other option.


I am looking around to see if I can do it, I am not having much luck with it. You could create a new account if you want?


But other account means also that the HiFi login change right ?
Also on the forum you start froms cratch again.
What did other do, used the short name for login ? like chris.
Afraid it looks like its the only option, let you know after some sleep. :o
HiFi forum use the opposite way now, use short login and then a long screen name.


OK, chris can you send me a new invite. beter make now new forum account then later.


@Richardus_Rayma, I just reset your account. You should have an email from us.


Thanks, how long does it take before the new account is implemented in the download section for the HiFi software ? its refused now. incorrect password/login new one dont work.
Same for Hifi login. cannot login.

Something not right,
Created account with only first name as username.tried toi login. get rerouted to old account.
Removed HiFi / alpha coookies. same problem. removed cookies cleared cache.
tried to login with new accoutn name, still rerouted to old account.


Ok, i can login with new account now on the forum.
Still have problems to login on the download page or in HiFi now.


I have the same problem. When you create your account it clearly says that the “Un1qUe_S3creT_UserN4me” is merely a unique login name - and never visible (unless you CHOOSE so) and that normally people will see your Display name.
That is misinformation when afterwards it turns out it is what you are forced to use in the forums :confused: