How can I create PBR FBX assets from Cinema 4d?


Hi, I have been having issues trying to get an FBX with PBR textures made with Substance Painter, and saving it into FBX from Cinema 4d R19. Could anyone help with some info on how to do this?

I didnt have luck with the GLTF import in my sandbox, and would like to prepare my fbx in C4d R19 with PBR textures. Is this possible.

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Unfortunately, so far there have not been any other Cinema 4d users in this forum, nor do I know any users within High Fidelity that any longer use it.

FBX importing should be straight forward, and has previously worked. However last time was probably @Judas back in 14.

I have not experimented with substance materials into fbx (as blender fbx does not natively support that).

Instead export the textures building the material in Substance painter, exporting roughness, albeido, normal, metal maps, then applying them to the models in Cinema 4d and just testing it out. (sorta like what I did with blender ages ago, which most of the community now uses). Unless C4D has PBR support natively (which I dont think currently is supported, until @sam would get example fbx), I suggest mapping it the following way:

  • Normal - Normals
  • Specular Color - Metal
  • Color - Albeido
  • Hardness / Shinyness (which ever) - Roughness

Atleast thats how it maps for both Maya, 3dsmax ( until both got stingray) and Blender: the ancient reference here for previous can be found here

GLTF on the other hand is a bit incomplete, and is still being worked on. What were the issues you were having with the gltf import?


Thanks Menithal. Yes as of Cinema 4d R19 has PBR workflow, as the rest of the world should :). I just need to figure out how to get the PBR materials in C4d onto my models and into HIgh Fidelity as FBX. Cinema 4d is used alot in the television and motion graphics community, and is a very solid 3d app, I wish there was more information about using it with High Fidelity, especially in preparing pbr models and textures for HF import.


Having trouble getting any GLTF to load in HF.

Here is my test file:



It looks like the model loads, reads, mesh bounds, reads the bin, and parses the textures correctly, but the object is invisible and the .glb is not getting invoked at all. . Maybe its something with the way how to gltf ( i think it assumes geometry is in the gltf file, not separate)

CC: one of the @luiscuenca or someone who worked on the gltf importer might need a look into this one


This PR should fix the problem.